Kanye West Carries Kids In ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Pic & Saint Proves He Has North’s ‘Attitude Face’

Have you ever seen a more iconic family pic? Kanye and his kiddos are featured in ‘Harper’s’ fifth annual ICONS issue, and the sweet shot will be the cutest thing you see all day — guaranteed. Take a look!

Consider our hearts melted! It’s no surprise that Kanye West, 41, would be featured in the annual ICONS issue of Harper’s Bazaar since the magazine chose to honor music royalty this year, but we definitely weren’t expecting his little ones to join him. His two oldest kids also appeared in the black and white shot on the subscriber cover. North West, 5, is perched on his shoulders in the pic with her chin resting on top of her dad’s head. Aw! Her hair is in two braids, and the only thing cuter than her teeny denim jacket and sneakers is the band aid on her knee. Saint West, 2, is in Kanye’s arms, sporting a tee shirt, jeans and cornrows — not to mention North’s signature ‘tude face. Looks like these sibs have that in common! The only thing that could have made this incredible photo is a Chicago cameo, of course. Maybe next time?

The special issue of Harper’s Bazaar featured “Families That Rock,” so Kanye and his kids weren’t the only ones to make an appearance in the spread. Far from it! Flip a little further into the mag and you’ll find all of your favorite musicians and their mini-mes. Mariah Carey poses with her twins Monroe and Moroccan, and Bruce Springsteen and his daughter Jessica appear on the cover of the newsstand edition. Christina Aguilera‘s son and daughter are photographed with her, and even Lionel Richie made an appearance with Nicole — although Sofia was noticeably missing from the shot. Too busy hanging out with Scott Disick and his kids? Whatever the case, we are living for the spread of celeb fams. So cute!

We wouldn’t want to pick favorites or anything, but Kanye and his kiddos are definitely up there! And when the rapper was asked about his hopes for them, he had a great answer. “I hope my children never lose their confidence to society.”

If we were Kim Kardashian, we’d be going out to buy a frame for this family photo ASAP. This shot is just asking to be hung on the wall for everyone to see.

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