Kanye West Reveals His iPhone Passcode During Trump Meeting & Twitter Mocks The Hell Out Of Him

During his wild Oct. 11 Oval Office meeting with Donald Trump, Kanye West revealed that everyone probably has a better iPhone passcode than he does, and Twitter can’t get over it!

Kanye West, 41, has written scores of rap songs over the years and is always boasting about his brilliant mind. But on Oct. 11 the hip-hop artist accidentally revealed that, when it comes to his iPhone passcode at least, he’s pretty unimaginative. The rapper was in the Oval Office to meet up with his hero President Donald Trump and at one point during the nearly 25-minute long rambling, pre-lunch chat in front of the press corps, he excitedly pulled out his cell phone to show the 72-year-old POTUS a GIF.

Kanye was talking about empowering American industry and factories at the time, saying, “One of the things that we’ve got to start with is Ford to have the hottest design… So, the flyest, freshest, most amazing car. What we want to start with is… I brought a GIF with me right here…” That’s when the rapper unlocked his phone and hit the 0 button six times so he could show Trump the “iPlane 1,” a “hydrogen-powered airplane.” So, if anyone gets a hold of Kanye’s iPhone and wants to see what he texts his wife Kim Kardashian, family and friends, we now know that his passcode is 000000!

Predictably, Twitter lost its collective mind when that moment happened. The tweets mocking Kanye were fast and furious. One person tweeted, “lmao Kanye’s iPhone password is 000000.” Rapper IGZ tweeted the clip with the caption, “Kanye West with that air-tight, maximum security passcode.” Another person wrote, “Kanye’s iPhone passcode is 000000 cuz everyone seen Kim’s nudes anyway.” Yet another person tweeted, “What did we learn at the White House today? Kanye’s phone passcode is 0000.”

Kanye was trending on Twitter in the afternoon because of his meeting with Trump, but his ridiculously lax passcode wasn’t the only reason. His expression of love for POTUS and his belief that Democrats are the reason many black people are on welfare, infuriated many. One angry person tweeted, “#KanyeWest completely embarrassed himself. You do not represent black people. You represent your own self-interest. I will not support a racist president no matter what Kanye says or hat he wears. Absolutely a joke.”

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