Kris Jenner brought some Lingerie Mobster Realness to the Victoria’s Secret show

After a couple of years of trying to take the annual Victoria’s Secret Holiday Show abroad – to Paris and Shanghai – VS finally brought the show back to New York. I’m sure you’ve seen all the hype about the show this week – People Magazine, E! News, the Daily Mail and a dozen other outlets were trying to preview this year’s show, like it was the most exciting thing in the world. It is not. Victoria’s Secret has lost most of their biggest names, and this year’s show was mostly populated with Hadids, Kendall Jenner and utter randos. Like, if Kendall is your biggest “get,” then there’s a problem, sorry. Anyway, most sites are probably just going to post a lot of photos of models in skimpy lingerie and whatever. I honestly don’t care? Like, if you’ve seen one VS runway show, you’ve seen them all. So let’s just talk about some of the photos from the “pink carpet” event. Kris Jenner tried to look like Victoria’s Secret Mobster. She probably is.

I feel like Rita Ora was TRYING to look like Kim Kardashian.

Frankie Grande, OMFG. I’M SCREAMING.

Bethenny Frankel looking… very thin.

Et tu, Trevor Noah?

Diplo looking like he came to the VS show straight from his barn.

Sean O’Pry trying to serve up some Matt Bomer Realness.

Oh, Shawn Mendes… just no.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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