Michael B. Jordan Reveals the Weird Place Lupita Nyong’o Made Him Do Push-Ups

Michael B. Jordan takes a bet pretty seriously!

The 31-year-old actor revealed that he and his Black Panther co-stars would make bets while on press tours and the loser would have to do push ups.

The push-ups were also “on retainer” so the cast mates could ask each other to do their push-ups at any time!

“So that means I can call you up whenever I want and you have to give me a push-up. So that’s where the embarrassing thing comes in – you’re trying to find the craziest place to call somebody up,” Michael explained.

He added, “Lupita had me at a fashion show and it had popcorn…so we were pretty much knee deep in popcorn. And she called me over…and she was like, ‘I’m gonna need one of those!’”

Check out the entire story in the video below…

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