Miss International 2012 at War with Large Bird Eating Fish From Her Koi Pond

Ikumi Yoshimatsu — who repped Japan when she won Miss International in 2012 — is at war with a huge-ass bird that’s been feasting on expensive koi in her pond … and TMZ’s got video of the flying beast eyeing its prey.

Ikumi was baffled for weeks that 5 of her koi fish disappeared from the pond in her backyard at her Beverly Hills property. She thought maybe someone was stealing the pricey fishes (some valued at more than $10k) so she placed a net over the pond.

Turns out that didn’t solve the problem … more fish just disappeared. Then, one day, she spotted the culprit … this massive bird (possibly a Crane). Ikumi says she saw the bird eating one of the koi. She grabbed her drone and captured the bird perched on her roof.  

We’re told Ikumi — who, BTW, is an actress — says she doesn’t know how to abate the problem. The only thing that seems to keep the bird away is her Kangal Shepherd dog. As you can see from the video … the bird keeps its distance from the pond when the pooch is around.


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