Pippa Middleton wore green Emilia Wickstead to Princess Eugenie’s wedding

For some reason, I was surprised to see Pippa Middleton turn up at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. It was always my understanding that the Middleton sisters and the York sisters had a grudge-filled history with each other, although to be fair, Eugenie is largely seen as the most conciliatory peacemaker of the York family. I remember reading a story several years ago about how Eugenie made the effort to bury the hatchet with the Middletons, but I guess I thought that was mostly about making peace with Kate. I guess not – Pippa is heavily pregnant, and due any moment, and she still made the trek to Windsor to attend Eugenie’s wedding.

Pippa arrived with her two Jameses. Her husband, Terribly Moderately Wealthy James, looked happy for a day off work and I think he wore the same morning coat-ensemble as he did for Meghan and Harry’s wedding. James Middleton was also there, fresh from crashing his marshmallow business and losing millions of dollars in investment. TMW James has given his brother-in-law a job at the Matthews’ family estate in Scotland. I guess James Middleton came down specially for the wedding.

Pippa wore a rich green Emilia Wickstead dress which really showed off how small she is and how small she’s “carrying.” She does not look like a woman who will give birth in a matter of days or weeks! The Wickstead dress is pretty, but I wish Pippa would avoid such high necks. They aren’t flattering on her at all.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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