‘Teen Mom OG’: Cheyenne Kicks Zach Out After Blowout Fight Over Her Relationship With Her Ex Cory

‘Teen Mom OG”s Cheyenne and Zach fight over her relationship with her ex and baby daddy, Cory! In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek, watch her explain how their blowout fight ended. Now, Cheyenne’s questioning if they can ‘come back from this.’

We may witness a breakup on this week’s explosive episode of Teen Mom OG — which premieres tonight, Monday, October 22 at 9 PM ET on MTV. In this EXCLUSIVE, drama-filled preview clip, Cheyenne tells her friends, Nadia and Zaina how Zach drunkenly flipped out on her over her relationship with her ex, Cory. As you may know, Cheyenne and Cory share a daughter, Ryder, together.

The preview clip opens with Cheyenne and her two friends, Nadia and Zaina entering The Blending Lab winery. It was supposed to be Cheyenne’s date with Zach, but because of a following out between the two, she brought along her friends to the wine tasting. First, Cheyenne thanks Nadia and Zaina for coming before explaining her blowout fight with Zach.

“Yesterday we went to a party on the bridge, which was really fun. Nadia, Ryder and Cory, they all went,” Cheyenne begins. “So, originally, Zach was invited to come with us. So, you know my stepdad and Zach’s dad are best friends. They have this like’ father and son dinner’ that they do with all the guys. It’s so cute! … When I heard about the father-son dinner, I pushed Zach to do to the father-son dinner. In his head, he felt like I was pushing him to go to the father-son thing because Cory was coming to the bridge party,” Cheyenne says.

Cheyenne goes on to explain how she knows Zach is drunk when he gets home from the dinner. “So, I say, ‘Zach.’ — No response.” She then says she called Zach’s name multiple times with no response in return. Finally Cheyenne says, “Zach, I know you f–king hear me talking to you.” And, that’s when things got heated between them.

Cheyenne explains: “Then the tone changes and then he says, ‘You look like you’re about to go get f–ked.’ But he kept going. He said I’m weird, he called me a b–ch and then I lost it.”

“What did you do sis?”, Zaina asks.

“Oh I packed his sh-t,” Cheyenne admits.

“I’m proud of you,” Zaina says, adding, “I’m glad you’re actually standing your ground.”

“When he called me a b–ch, I’m literally like, ‘You have to go,’” Cheyenne says, before admitting, “I don’t know how we come back from this.”

Season 7 of Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 PM ET on MTV.

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