Wendy Williams Calls 50 Cent ‘Dumb’ For Reigniting Feud With Ja Rule: ‘I’m Disgusted’

Is this the ’90s? — Nah, Ja Rule and 50 Cent are just continuing their decades-long feud. But, Wendy Williams is over it! In fact, she’s disgusted and she’s calling 50 ‘dumb’ for this move he apparently pulled on Ja Rule…

50 Cent, 43, and Ja Rule, 42, have been at odds for decades. But, their feud was reignited after 50 apparently pulled prank-like move on Ja, buying dozens of front row tickets to his concert so the audience would appear empty. — That’s according to Wendy Williams, 54, who recapped the entire situation on her show, November 8. If you watch her daytime talk show, you’ll know that Wendy is a big fan of the ’90s rap game, as she was a radio host, after all. So, this is her beat.

“50 Cent is still fighting with Ja Rule,” she began before throwing shade at 50, who has taken to social media about Wendy’s remarks in the past. “Ja Rule was Murda inc and 50 was a nobody … Then 50 went on to be the richer rapper. It’s like messed up on one hand. — On the other hand, two weeks ago, 50 claimed he bought out 200 front row seats to a Ja Rule concert… so the show would look empty,” Wendy explained.

“This is what you call having too much money and being dumb at the same time,” she said of 50’s apparent prank. “At one point Ja Rule called 50, well Cynthia…  50 reportedly blocked Ja Rule [on Instagram]. She went on to explain how Ja Rule apparently retaliated with a post on Instagram. The post, which has since been deleted, was an apparent throwback photo of 50, all smiles while with Donald Trump.

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