'Goat shoes' are set to be 2019's next big shoe trend – and they make your feet look like HOOVES

There's been fried chicken drumstick trousers and backpacks so big a human can fit inside them – now "goat shoes" are going viral.

The unique footwear has been making a buzz since American Horror Story's Cody Fern wore them on the Golden Globes red carpet on Monday night.

Their nickname is self-explanatory. They have split-toe detailing, which kinda gives them the appearance of a goat's hoof.

While they may sound a little off-putting, they're actually incredibly expensive designer pieces.

They're by French fashion house Maison Margiela, and retail at £650.

  • Calfskin Tabi boots, £650 from Maison Margiela – buy now

As pointed out by GQ, Margiela's Tabi style isn't new.

In fact, Martin Margiela debuted it in his very first Maison Margiela runway show back in 1989.

The Belgian designer is said to have based the shoes on traditional Japanese jika-tabi – work socks that have a divided toe.

They're now the brand's signature look, with the "hooves" featuring on ballet flats, heels and pumps.

Could this be the year they go mainstream?

  • Silver Tabi sandals, £625 from Maison Margiela – buy now

  • Glitter Tabi ballerinas, £278 from Maison Margiela – buy now

  • Tabi leather ballerina pumps, £500 from Maison Margiela – buy now

  • Fluorescent Tabi boots, £805 from Maison Margiela – buy now

They're certainly dividing opinion over on Twitter, with one person writing: "What's up with those shoes… like a goat's hooves."

Another said: "Who wakes up one day and says: 'I want to look like a goat… how 'bout split toe shoes?'"

However, others are long-term fans of the design.

One tweet reads: "I just hope that when they refer to Tabi boots as goat shoes they mean greatest of all time."

Another hit out: "I don't even like Margiela Tabi boots that much but calling them goat shoes is just disrespect."

Would you wear them? Or do you think 2019 fashion is already goat-ing out of hand?

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