M&S is selling a £25 dupe of the Victoria Beckham dress worn by Meghan Markle

The dress was pretty dreamy, pairing neutral black and white shades with an easy-to-wear chain link print. Of course, it sold out pretty quickly after Meghan’s appearance, but at £1,668 it wasn’t exactly an option for the average person.

That’s why we’re excited to note that Marks & Spencer is releasing a skirt with a similar print, at a far more affordable price point of just £25.

While the Victoria Beckham print shows chains, the M&S print has ropes in a similar twisted position, and uses the same colour palette of cream and black.

The M&S skirt is a soft A-line shape so it’s super flattering, and can be dressed up or down.

If you’d like to recreate Meghan’s look on the cheap, you’ll need to pair the skirt with a matching rope print top, a cream coat, and a hat.

The skirt hasn’t hit stores just yet, but expect a frenzy the moment it does. If Meghan wears something, it’s guaranteed to be a full-on trend.

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