Throwback snap of Meghan Markle with unlikely celebrity pal shared on Twitter

Although the Duchess of Sussex deactivated her social media accounts when her romance with Prince Harry was confirmed in 2017, a candid photo of Meghan partying with Fantastic Beasts star Eddie Redmayne has now reemerged online.

The photo, which was shared by food photographer Jason Julian Bailey on Twitter, shows the celebrity pair enjoying a night out at Soho House in Istanbul back in 2015.

Taken one year before she met Prince Harry, Meghan is pictured wearing jeans and a leather jacket in the candid snap as she smiles next to the photographer and A-list actor.

Posting the throwback image on social media, Jason wrote: "Night in, watching movies and remembering fun times with this crew."

And while Meghan had yet to meet Prince Harry when this snap was taken, Eddie Redmayne was already friends with the Royal and even attended Eton at the same time as both Meghan's future husband and Prince William.

Talk about a magical coincidence.

It was during this time that Meghan was earning up £15,000 for her public speaking engagements while Eddie Redmayne had just won an Oscar for Best Actor for his role as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.

The Duchess is known to be a long-term member of Soho House – an exclusive club for people working within the creative industries – and is rumoured to have enjoyed her first date with Prince Harry in the London branch in July 2016.

The royal couple have even hired Soho House's interior designer to overhaul their Cotswolds home before they welcome their first child in Spring 2019.

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