Dame Dash Urges Stars Not To ‘Look The Other Way’ After Slamming JAY-Z For Working With R. Kelly

Some stars are coming out and condemning R. Kelly, but not everybody is, unfortunately. Dame Dash and son Boogie told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY what they think celebs should be doing right now.

R. Kelly, 51, has been the subject of sexual assault allegations for years, but Lifetime series Surviving R. Kelly, which starting airing in Jan. 2019, has brought a new wave of magnification onto the serious claims. While there are celebrities who refuse to acknowledge and condemn R. Kelly’s alleged abuse of his victims, Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash, 47, and son, Boogie, 27, who’s on Growing Up Hip-Hop, spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about why people need to speak up against R. Kelly. On Jan. 5, Dame spoke on Hip Hop Motivation about former business partner Jay-Z working with R. Kelly, and how things weren’t the same between them after that. Dame told us how those with a platform should handle this delicate issue.

Dame spoke to how celebrities may be less inclined to be vocal against R. Kelly because of his ability to generate popular songs for artists – but that shouldn’t mean more than justice and support for the alleged victims. “We just can’t look the other way,” Dame EXCLUSIVELY said to HollywoodLife. “If we see something wrong, we can’t just work with people just because they are still making bread or if we are vibing with what comes out of their body and voice or whatever. We can’t look the other way. It can’t be acceptable.”

Son Boogie reflected his dad’s sentiments. “If somebody is touching you or violating your privacy and personal space then speak on it immediately,” Boogie EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Just show support to the victims who are telling the truth because I know a lot of people are just saying that it happened but I don’t know everybody’s case. But just be honest and just keep a tight crew around you and who you speak to about these scenarios and get some help!”

Other stars who have spoken out against R. Kelly include John Legend, 40, who was on Surviving R. KellyChance the Rapper, 25, and Lady Gaga, 32, who worked with R. Kelly on 2013 song Do What U Want. Gaga  came forward to denounce R. Kelly in a Jan. 10 Twitter post. We hope to see more stars speak up against sexual assault in the future.

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