Dog has the perfect reaction to couple's pregnancy announcement

Raegan responded with all the panic us humans have to bury beneath an enthusiastic ‘congratulations’.

The dog immediately looked shocked and concerned, looking straight at the camera as though to ask what on earth was going on. We think she’s a bit nervous about being a big sister.

Jacob said: ‘Our goal was to get a cute picture of Raegan sitting in front of Katie, while looking at her baby bump.

‘She wanted to post a progress picture of her baby bump, so I was snapping pictures and ended up with these gems instead.

‘We were scrolling through them and both of us instantly burst out laughing and I knew those were going to be the ones I used.

‘We can’t wait to take more progress pictures – hopefully when the news has settled in for Raegan – as we include her in everything we do.

‘Raegan is great with children, so we can’t wait to see her grow up with our little one too!’

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