Forget hygge… it’s all about COORIE

Forget hygge… it’s all about COORIE! Scotland takes on the Scandis in new book that reveals why we should all be getting cosy like the Celts

  • The Art of Coorie has been written by Glasgow journalist Gabriella Bennett
  • Explores ways of embracing cosiness and nature that are specifically Scottish
  • Reveals how we can all take a leaf out of the Scots’ book to live happy
  • New book comes after the world went wild for the Danish art of Hygge  

A couple of years ago, nobody outside Denmark had a clue what hygge was.

These days we’re all pulling on our knitted socks and curling up to read by candlelight as winter draws in – all in an effort to be as content as our Danish counterparts.

But now the Scots look set to steal the Scandis’ crown as the kings of all things cosy, following the release of a new book exploring all things Coorie – or còsagach in Gaelic. 

The Art of Coorie, by British-born, Glasgow-based journalist Gabriella Bennett, breaks down ways to embrace the specifically Scottish concept, from wild camping to whisky in front of a roaring log fire.

The Art of Coorie explores ways of embracing our surroundings that are specifically Scottish – and includes an entire chapter on ‘Coorie camping’  

Roughly translated as snug or cosy, coorie has come to encapsulate how the Scottish developed their creative spirit. 

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According to Bennett, while it has similarities to trendy Scandi lifestyle concepts like hygge and lagom in that it’s also about living well, coorie is unique in that it seeks to make the most of what comes from Scotland in order to feel satisfied – of taking in and appreciating what surrounds us.  

As such, the book contains entire chapters devoted to camping – packing thick, woollen blankets in at your pitch overlooking a loch – pubs (there’s nothing quite so coorie as warming up with a dram by the fire), and foraged food. 

Glasgow-based journalist Gabriella Bennett is the author hoping to teach us all about The Art of Coorie, which has the tagline ‘how to live happy the Scottish way’ 

The coorie guide to Scottish slang 

In The Art of Coorie, author Gabriella Bennett translates some unfamiliar phrases you might stumble across while seeking coorie bliss in Scotland… 

 Baffies: Slippers

Bam: Someone being stupid 

Blether: To engage in a long chat or gossip

Braw: Something or someone or looks good

Clap: Petting an animal

Close: The communal stairwell in a block of flats

Dreich: Wet, soggy weather condition

 Drooket: Soaking wet from the rain

Gallus: Being bold or adventurous

Gutties: Plimsolls 

Housecoat: Dressing gown 


 Juice: Any beverage apart from water, hot drinks or alcohol

Messages: Groceries

Moorie-cavie: A blizzard of fine, powdery snow

Peely wally: Extremely pale

Piece: A sandwich

Quine: A girl or young woman

Riddy/Beamer: A face red with embarrassment

Shoogle: To shake or rattle something

Swally: A small sip

Yaldi: A triumphant exclamation 

According to Glasgow-based author Gabriella Bennett, we should all be swapping Hygge for the Scottish art of Coorie 

Bennett also breaks down the coorie approach to style and interiors – think Fair Isle knits and artisan textiles – and extols the virtues of wild swimming. 

And there are even frugal ways to ‘live happy’ like the Scots – from pressing ferns or flowers to create pretty wall hangings, to hosting a ‘pot-luck’ dinner. 

Asking guests to bring a dish means you get to spend a very coorie evening gathered around a candlelit table with loved ones, but without the usual hefty cost of entertaining.  

‘Thou shalt respect Scotland’s history, but not become a pastiche,’ says one of the ‘Coorie commandments’ – so Tartan is fine, just make sure it’s not cheesy

A glass of whisky in front of a roaring log fire counts as a Coorie experience – and even better if the wind is howling outside. As Bennett puts it, Scots ‘do not fear the cold’

The Art of Coorie is available now priced £14.99 

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