From Katie Price to Kim K and Oxford yummy mummies: The ‘bad b**** Barbies’ who say you’re just jealous of their ‘tacky’ pink Range Rovers

Meet the self-professed ‘bad b**** Barbies’ who are fuelling the fashion for £75,000 pink Range Rovers.


Yesterday Katie Price’s battered version was splashed across the papers, reflecting her car crash year.

But she’s far from the only fan of the garish 4×4.

Celebrities, models, beauticians and mums alike are desperate to get their hands on hot pink wheels – which can cost anything from £20,000 for a second hand model to £150,000 plus for a brand new one.

Here, we look at why the pink Range Rover is still the car to be seen in, and meet the owners who are proud as punch of their coveted car.

‘Bad b****es’ and female bosses

The pink Land Rover attracts everyone from glamour models, to business owners and mums.

The one thing on the ‘must have’ checklist for owning ‘a Range’ is a sassy attitude.

One of the car’s most prolific owners is Celebrity Big Brother contestant Chloe Khan.

The glamour model turned her life around after growing up on a council estate in Wakefield and now reportedly turns over around £30,000-a-month from her personal website.

Living up to her reputation as the ‘real life Barbie’, Chloe celebrated her new-found fortune by splashing out on the car that matched her new title and bank balance – a pink Land Rover.

She tells Sun Online: “As a little girl it was a dream of mine to have a pink Range Rover.

“So I just had to go buy one and do it for baby Chloe. It represents my dreams and living for best life on my own terms.

“It is the ultimate Barbie statement and it does draw a lot of attention. It’s basically a little piece of Instagram world in real life .

“We only get one life, so why waste it on people’s opinions. I think such a girly colour on a big beefy Range Rover spells female boss and most of the people who say pink ruins the car are men who don’t possess a Range Rover, or anything similar!”

The reality TV star and businesswoman put the car up for sale earlier this year, posting the advert on Instagram and asking her followers to tag: “Any Barbie girls, bad b**ches or princesses” who may be interested in the Range Rover.

She has since sold it to one of her friends.

Nicki Minaj also calls herself a ‘bad b****’ and loves the customised motor so much she rapped about it: “When you see me switchin’ lanes in the bubble gum Range…I just bought that b**ch.”

Blac Chyna, former best friend of Kim Kardashian, also has the flashy 4×4, treating herself to the wheels following her split from Rob Kardashian last year.

The car is also used for fashion shoots, with online retailer uses a baby pink Range Rover painted with a unicorn for one of their promo videos.

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Check out my motherfuckin wheels 🌸

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Check out my motherfuckin wheels 🌸

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Check out my motherfuckin wheels 🌸

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Cam’Ron, Paris Hilton & Kim K the trailblazers

But long before Chloe Khan and Nicki Minaj grabbed the wheel, the pink Range Rover pulled up on our screens thanks to rapper Cam’Ron in 2004.

A few years later Paris Hilton couldn’t resist the lure of the colour and customised her £135,000 Bentley with baby pink in 2008.

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Decking out her luxury car with pink leather interiors and a crystal-encrusted Bentley badge, Paris was the ultimate trend-setter for bespoke, unashamedly ‘girly’ cars.

Her former PA turned BFF and star in her own right, Kim Kardashian, then followed suit, personalising her Range Rover with pink Princess caps and pink lettering later that year.

“I wanted a car that no boy would ever want to drive and for people to know a girl is driving such a cool car,” Kim said at the time.

In the UK, Katie Price was the first to launch the shade’s popularity, splashing out £100,000 on a customised pink Range Rover ‘Vogue’ with the number plate KP11 HOT in 2011 – adding a £25,000 crystal-encrusted clock.

She then attempted to flog it to Twitter followers in 2013 before splashing out on a newer model and adding to her Barbie wagon fleet.

Pricey wannabees

Mum-of-one and hairdresser Nicole Hunnisett, from Oxfordshire has wanted a pink Land Rover since first seeing Katie Price’s on her reality show.

After saving up for years, she finally landed the car of her dreams, although she says the reaction hasn’t always been positive.

“It receives a lot of attention. Mostly good, but it’s not to everyone’s tastes. I absolutely adore it, my son does, too!” she tells Sun Online.

“For me, it wasn’t so much the reputation of a ‘Barbie’ car – I’m not that much of a girly girl, but I do love pink. I don’t see how it’s any different to driving a bright blue or yellow car.

“I saved for so many years for the car I dreamt about when I was little girl, when Katie had her first one.”

Pink brigade: Matching nails, dogs, and interiors

Social media is flooded with images of owners and those dreaming of owning a pink Range Rover.

Under the hashtag #pinkrangerover, which has 679 posts, women are seen posing atop their cars and wistfully snapping pictures of shiny new versions parked in driveways and on streets.

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Somewhere in South London, a Range Rover with the number plate ‘B**CH’ has become Insta famous, but its owner hasn’t been identified.

Although the gaudy cars are ‘grammable’ in their own right, cult fans of the colour pink often find every accessory they can to match their wheels.

Think pink Chanel bags, iced strawberry-based drinks, and blush hair and fashion.

Tiny dogs are a must, too, and the lucky pooches must preferably be wearing something pink, or be incredibly adorable.

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