Jake Paul FaZe Banks Assault Allegations Response; Shane Dawson

NGL, if you haven’t yet tuned into Shane Dawson‘s docuseries, The Mind of Jake Paul, you don’t know what you’re missing! On the most recent installment of the series, Jake finally responds to the assault allegations that were made against him, calling it a “messy situation.”

If you’re someone who’s constantly clued in on all the YouTube drama, and especially the drama that involves the Paul brothers, you probably already know that Jake’s had beef with quite a few influencers in the past. That being said, the 21-year-old is now addressing several of those feuds in Shane’s series, including his fight with FaZe Banks.

As a refresher, in August of 2017 Jake accused FaZe of assaulting his assistant, Meg. Following Jake’s allegations, FaZe took to YouTube to deny that an assault ever took place. Of course, the situation was only made more complicated by the fact that FaZe was dating Alissa Violet, who happened to be Jake’s ex-girlfriend. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what he meant by a “messy situation.”

In FaZe’s response video, he called Jake’s statements against him “defamation of character and slander to the highest degree,” and he even said he’d have to take legal action! That’s not all, though. FaZe and Alissa also made allegations against the Jake in a rebuttal video on Faze’s channel, claiming that he assaulted Alissa and Erika Costell, which Erika vehemently denied.

Jake said, “That was their rebuttal, they were like ‘oh Jake said this about Faze, we’re going to say Jake threw Alissa down the stairs.’ They just pulled it out of thin air.”

As we all know, there are three sides to every story, and thanks to Shane’s docuseries, Jake got the chance to share his. From his point of view, FaZe and Alissa made those assault allegations to make him look bad, and if that’s true, it seems like it may have worked. How do we know? Because according to Jake, he lost a whopping 300k subscribers on his account!

Obviously, there’s still a lot that is unclear about what exactly went down between these influencers. What is clear, however, is that Jake wanted to tell his side of the story. Even so, he admitted that he doesn’t particularly like talking about it, and that he, too, has made mistakes when it came to accusing FaZe without looking into the assault allegations further.

Want more on Jake’s side of the story? Go to the 15:00 mark for the scoop! Then, after you’re all caught up, don’t forget to watch the next installment of the series, which will include an interview with Alissa Violet herself. We don’t know about you, but we seriously can’t wait.

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