Mum-of-two, 45, had sixty eight lipomas removed in both arms

‘I feel like a monster!’ Mother turns to Dr Pimple Popper to remove SIXTY EIGHT benign tumours from her arms -and the results are not for the faint-hearted

  • April, 45, from the US, has hereditary condition familial multiple lipomatosis
  • Dr Sandra Lee, aka Dr Pimple Popper, removed 68 lipomas from both of her arms 
  • Genner, 39, from the Phillipines, flew 14 hours to have rhinophyma surgery
  • One viewer was put off her biscuits after watching the stomach-churning show 

A mum-of-two who was left feeling ‘like a freak’ after developing disfiguring bumps in her arms, seeked the help of dermatological surgeon Dr Sandra Lee in last night’s stomach-churning new series of Dr Pimple Popper.  

In the first episode on TLC, April, 45, from the US, who has a hereditary condition known as familial multiple lipomatosis, underwent surgery to remove a staggering sixty eight lipomas – a benign tumor made of fat tissue.

‘This is an absolute record for me,’ said Dr Sandra Lee, also known as Dr Pimple Popper. ‘I’ve never removed this many lipomas from a person in one sitting. My fingers are numb.’  

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April, 45, developed hundreds of disfiguring bumps under the skin in her arms. She said the skin condition left her feeling ‘like a freak’

The mother-of-two has a hereditary condition known as familial multiple lipomatosis – and has a fifty per cent chance of passing it down to her children. Above, a lipoma Dr Sandra Lee describe as a ‘booty’ 

Dr Sandra Lee, also known as Dr Pimple Popper, said she had never removed so many lipomas from a person in just one sitting

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And viewers took to Twitter to express that they were just as shocked with what they were witnessing.

One wrote, ‘Sat watching Dr Pimple Popper with my mam. She’s absolutely loving it and I’m trying my best now to throw up,’ while another penned: 

‘It’s alright @dan_htfc and his obsession with Dr Pimple popper has put me off my biscuits.’

Someone else added: ‘Dr Pimple Popper on TLC…OMG,’ followed by a queasy emoji.  



Some viewers were put off their biscuits after witnessing Dr Sandra Lee removing April’s 68 lipomas

On the show, April told how she was just seventeen years old when she found her first lump, and after her first pregnancy. they just kept on coming. 

‘When I look down at my arms, I feel like a freak,’ she explained.

‘Like one of those shows in the circus where people pay money to see how weird you are.’ 

‘The lumps make me feel abnormal. They look hideous. I feel like a monster at times.’

April’s dad also has the hereditary condition which she described as ‘hideous’ and making her feel like ‘a monster’ at times

In the first episode of the new series, April worried that her son Hunter, 17, may also have the same condition after finding a lump in his thigh

Dr Sandra Lee removed a record number of 68 lipomas from both of April’s arms. Speaking after the exhaustive procedure, the dermatologist said:  ‘My fingers are numb’

In emotional scenes, April worried her son Hunter, 17, may have inherited the condition from her after discovering his first lipoma in his thigh. 

What is a lipoma? 

Lipomas are soft, fatty lumps that grow under your skin. They’re harmless and don’t usually need any treatment.

They can be anything from the size of a pea to a few centimetres across, and may move slightly under your skin if you press them.

They often appear on the shoulders, chest, arms, back, bottom or thighs. 

‘I feel really bad I’ve passed this condition onto you,’ she said in a tear-jerking moment. 

But after confirming Hunter didn’t need to act yet, Dr Pimple Popper set to work analysing April’s arms – and was gobsmacked by what she found. 

‘I’ve never seen this many bumps on this person’s arms,’ she gasped.

‘There are bumps on top of bumps. You feel more than you can actually see. I can’t imagine how many are under there.’

And it wasn’t long before she found out.

In stomach-churning scenes, Dr Pimple Popper described how you could hear a ‘pop,’ before lipoma after lipoma surfaced from the slit she’d made in April’s skin.

‘This one’s little a double booty,’ she said. ‘It was like a twerk!’

After filling up an entire surgical tray with 38 lipomas from April’s left arm alone, Dr Sandra Lee then went on to remove another 30 from her right arm.

After filling up an entire surgical tray with 38 lipomas from April’s left arm alone, Dr Sandra Lee then went on to remove another 30 from her right arm

‘I couldn’t be happier,’ beamed April, once the procedure was over. ‘She’s instilled confidence in me that I didn’t have. Dr Lee really changed my life – and I’m so grateful.’ 

And that wasn’t the only gruesome skin-related footage that could be seen in the first episode.

Genner, 39, who had flown 14 hours from the Philippines just to be seen by the top professional, spoke of a growth that had been on his nose since 2004.

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Genner, 39, told how what initially started out as a pimple had developed into a skin condition known as rhinophyma – an extreme form of rosacea

‘Every time I go to public places people laugh at me,’ he explained. ‘I don’t like being treated like that way. 

‘Having this burden in my life – I’m falling apart inside.’  

The growth, which initially started out as a pimple, was not only causing a ‘bad odour’ but also a lot of pain. 

Dr Sandra Lee was quick to diagnose the skin condition as rhinophyma – an extreme form of rosacea. 

‘It’s a thickening on the tip of the nose,’ she explained to viewers. ‘It’s like someone has chewed a whole packet of bubblegum and slapped it on his nose.’

Using a tool with an electric current which allows a wire to heat up, the dermatologist then sliced through Genner’s tissue. 

‘We use a vacuum to help suck up any of the smoke that’s created from burning Genner’s skin,’ she added in another squirmish moment. 

‘We want to remove the smell of burnt skin, but also protect us in the room from inhaling it.’ 

Genner flew 14 hours from the Phillipines just to see Dr Sandra Lee – as he had suffered with the lumps on his nose since 2004

Genner told how people would laugh at him whenever he was out in public so he resorted to wearing a mask

Following the painful procedure (above), the family man said: ‘I feel so much better not only the skin will heal, but my heart will heal’

As she got into the most gruesome stage of the procedure, the renowned pimple popper highlighted that while the surgery may look ‘brutal,’ it was in fact quite ‘fun.’  

‘Especially when you come across these pockets of oil,’ she explained. 

‘It’s like you’re eating salted caramel vanilla ice cream which has little chocolate covered squares of caramel in and you’re taking scoops away and you never know when you’re going into hit one big square of caramel.’  

Following the painful surgery, Genner was delighted and compared himself to a snake shedding skin. 

‘I feel so much better – not only will my skin heal, but my heart will heal,’ he said.

The new series airs on TLC from 10 January at 9pm

Fans of Dr Pimple Popper were delighted to see the new series of the reality show back on their screens





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