25 Celebs Who Gave Up Hollywood To Be Full Time Parents

Being a celebrity means that one is bound to every single thing, good or bad, that comes with Hollywood. That means having every piece of your life under watch, whether they like it that way or not.

The media and paparazzi leave no stone unturned when it comes to exposing celebs. Like any other parent, when a celebrity becomes a parent, they are also ushered with responsibilities he might have never thought of before. A lot of Hollywood parents are not willing to give up their stardom for the sake of their children, but there are some that prioritize family before fame. Children are better brought up in an environment where they are loved by the parents and family rather than facing the media and being asked invasive questions.

A mother sacrificing her work life for her children is not a rare occurrence, but the same cannot always be said of a man. We know that society normally expects men to be the ones bringing home the bacon, but as some of these celebs show that is not always the case. Let’s see who decided to take a step back from Hollywood to raise their children!


Elizabeth Hurley, the actress who is remembered for her role in Bedazzled, Austin Powers, and others is no longer interested in playing the lead role. In fact, she became a mom to son Damian Charles Hurley and took it easy to sit back as a mom. Elizabeth loved the time she spent in her 400-acre organic farm in England, but the paparazzi followed her and she hated it.


Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were a popular couple of the late eighties and early nineties. They were better known as the Hollywood’s golden couple and were widely covered in magazines. After they gave birth to three daughters, they decided to move to the small town of Idaho from sunny California. When the girls grew up a bit, they decided to come back to California. Demi Moore didn’t mind giving up her career and stardom because of motherhood.


Debra Winger won three Oscars, but it was not enough of a reason for her to stick with acting. She took her son and moved to East. She had a son with former partner Timothy and married Arliss Howard, with whom she had another son. She used to live with her husband and three sons and teach acting at Harvard. When her children were grown, she decided to go back into acting now that they could take care of themselves.


Hughes used to be a very popular director of movies in 1995. He is known for directing classics like Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and many others which brought him to the limelight. According to his secret pen pal, John was concerned about the impact his popularity was going to have on his young sons. He felt that taking away his sons from Hollywood would have been the best possible thing.


Kellie worked during the TGIF days, where she played the convincing character of Laura Winslow that was appreciated a lot by her fans. She used to roll her eyes at the zealous Steve Urkel. As Family Matters ended, the career of Kellie Jackson also did the same. She planned to start a tiny family and married Hannibal Jackson. She gave birth to two children. She quit working in movies so that she would be able to dedicate all of her time to them.


Lauryn Hill used to be a singer, a musical master who rose to fame and even won a Grammy. Although a powerful musical house then, she ended up taking a step back. The reason being she wanted to focus more on being a mother, and after having six children, she never wanted a comeback. She married Ziggy Marley, son of Bob Marley who is the father of her kids. Now she reportedly became a grandmother as her son Zion fathered a child.


Lisa Bonet is the glamorous actress who played the role of Denise Huxtable in Cosby Show. Soon after she became successful, she married the rocker Lenny Kravitz, and they became parents to daughter Zoey. Lisa said that motherhood changed her life as she learned to be responsible. She paused her acting career. She remarried in 2007 and again prioritized family before acting career. Naturally acting was placed in the backseat of her career.

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Michael Schoeffling was a hunky heartthrob for women. He was working for a teen mega-hit Sixteen Candles, where he starred opposite Molly Ringwald. Michael also did well in Mermaid and Vision Quest but felt that his career was not just a hit with all these. Retiring at an early age of 31 years, he married model Valerie and fathered a son and daughter. Presently, he loves carpentry work and raising his kids. But the fans remember him as a cute high school monitor who used to melt hearts with his looks.


Phoebe Cates was merely a rocking actress in the eighties and nineties. She acted in famous movies and gained popularity in mega films like Drop Dead Fred, Gremlins and Fast times in Ridgemont High. She tied the knot with actor Kevin Klein and welcomed motherhood in 1991 and 1993. Mother of a beautiful daughter and a son, Phoebe, made sure that her schedules didn’t clash with her husbands. Undoubtedly, it was an effective strategy for good parenting. She preferred staying with the kids at home and slowly gave up her acting career in exchange for her family commitments.


Rick Moranis was a popular actor of the eighties who had worked for some memorable roles. He made his appearance in films like Little Shop of Horrors, Honey I Shrunk the Kids and more. Due to some things that went wrong in his family he had to take a step back from the silver screen. Even though his career was rising, he had no choice but to take a seat.


Robin Wright is the glamorous actress who starred in the House Of Cards. When she became a mom to a beautiful daughter with actor Sean Penn, they didn’t really step north of limelight. She said that having celebrity parents can never be a great plus point for a growing kid. After acting in Forest Gump, Robin rose to fame and even won a Golden Globe award. But the busy mom gave up her acting career to raise her two children and she has no regrets.


Shania Twain, who hails from a small town, was a music sensation and she had given many favorite hits to the music lovers. She got immediate success on whatever she chose; Shania was at the peak of her career when she decided to go for a change. She made up her mind to raise her little baby and live a quiet family life. Shania and her husband Robert Lange mutually decided to move across the pond in Switzerland and raise their only son Eja. Now that Eja is a grown up, Shania is ready to get back into the industry soon.


Vera Farmiga was having a successful career, and she starred in Up in the Air with George Clooney and The Departed with Martin Scorsese. She also acted in Bates Motel as Bate’s mommy dearest. But nowadays, acting is not important to her. She prefers staying with her husband and children on a farm in Upstate New York and manages farm animals. Now her focus is on making sure that her children grow up to become respectable people.


Alicia Keys made her mark on the music world with her sensational voice and the Grammy Awards that kept rolling in. She won the Grammy Award fifteen times and won the NAACP Image Award almost seventeen times. She gave birth to Egypt Doud in 2010 and Genesis Ali in 2014. She made a comeback in 2015 as a judge in the show ‘The Voice.’ She says that she’s trying to find a balance between her work and motherhood but her kids take precedence.


Amber Rose stepped into modeling in 2008 and attained the height of fame after she appeared in a music video by Kanye West and Young Jeezy. When she gave birth to her son, she took a break from the limelight. Amber was a model in the Louis Vuitton ad, and she also walked the runway in the New York Fashion Week. She released a rap with her ex Wiz Khalifa. When she gave birth to her son Sebastian in 2013, she decided to put her career on pause. Rose says that her motto in life is to be a role model for her son.


Christina Aguilera used to be the teen pop star in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. But as soon as Christina became a mom, everything changed for her. She rose to fame with her music album ‘Stripped’ followed by the hit ‘Back to Basics.’ When Aguilera gave birth to her son Max, she pulled herself away from the limelight. She came back to become a judge on The Voice, but she still priortizes family over everything.


Christina Milian used to be a major star, who would constantly be in the top-five Billboard Chart. Apart from music, she was known for her passion in acting and had made her appearance in many movies including ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing.’ She gave birth to her baby girl Violet, and since then her career slowed down. She made a comeback in 2015 and starred in a movie about herself, where she mentions her family life.


Actress Hilary Duff appeared as Lizzie McGuire and from that she went to the big screen and worked in three movies in 2003 namely ‘Agent Cody Banks,’ ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ and ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie’. The movies were a hit, and then in 2012 she and her husband welcomed their son, Luc Cruz. In 2015 she decided to star in a show called ‘Younger’ but she pays more attention to her son.


After Britney Spears, it was Jamie Lynn Spears who followed her sister’s footprints and was successful in stealing our hearts. She starred in ‘Zoey 101’ and then all of a sudden disappeared from the limelight. Jamie and her then fiancée Casey Aldridge moved into the country and bought property and focussed on becoming successful parents. Her daughter Maddie Brian, who is just eight, stepped into the music world with ‘Sleepover’, Spears’ latest single.


Jessica Simpson used to be a music sensation in the ‘90s and ‘00s. Simpson’s last album was Happy Christmas in 2010. Jessica pulled herself out of focus and never came back to limelight since her musical album was released. She focused more on being a successful mother and wife. However, Jessica Simpson has mentioned that she has considered going on tour again, and wants to dip her toes once more into Hollywood.


Leelee Sobieski was the ‘Apple of the eye’ for her fans till 2000. She is remembered for her roles in ‘Here On Earth’ and ‘The Glass House.’ She is married with two children but she has put her entire focus on family life. She is a constant support to her husband for his career and his hobby of painting. Sobieski is a graduate from Brown University and has no plans to return to the Hollywood world as she has tasted the luxuries of being a stay at home mom.


Michelle Williams gave her stunning performance in ‘My Week with Marilyn,’ and achieved success but soon after decided to focus on her daughter, whose dad is the Late Heath Ledger. When her daughter, Violet was just five years old, Williams decided to take a break as she was a single mother. When Violet was almost twelve years old, she decided to go back to acting and showbiz with three films in a row.


Right from 2003 to 2007, Nicole Richie used to be the main focus of reality television. When her show ended, she exchanged her party pants for yoga. In 2008, she welcomed her first baby, Harlow Winter Kate, with her husband, Benji Madden. Their family grew again the next year when her son Sparrow James Midnight arrived. Richie became busy with her kids, and finally, in 2010, she launched her high-end fashion line, Winter Kate, that eventually led her to be a successful designer. In 2014, she made her reappearance once again with her reality show ‘Candidly Nicole.’

2 RHEA Wahlberg

Rhea Wahlberg had a great career before marrying Mark Wahlberg. She started modeling at the tender age of sixteen and then she was on the covers of Elle, Vogue and Marie Clarie. Rhea met Mark and fell in love, and later married him. She is a mother to four children. Now, Rhea spends most her life at home, looks after her children and leads a healthy life. She is not entirely free of the business mindset as she writes her own blog, posts family pictures, and crafts beauty tips.


Cary Grant is an iconic figure who starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s film ‘North by Northwest’ and ‘To Catch a Thief.’ He stayed and worked for films for 32 years and then finally took a break to spend more time with his daughter, Jennifer. He was 62 years old when he gave up his lucrative career for her daughter. He was married for some years to Jennifer’s mom, but then they drifted. He was a doting father to his child and loved her more than anything.

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