Miley Cyrus' New Video Filled with Provocative Imagery and a Blatant Disregard for Traffic Safety

There’s no way Miley would pass a driving test with this video for “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,” but she certainly has a pulse on what’s going on politically in 2018.

Maybe Miley Cyrus should have asked Jesus to take the wheel (rather than just watch) because she did a terrible job behind it in her latest music video for "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart," with Mark Ronson.

The mildly NSFW video is filled with provocative imagery like priests at a strip club and a few cheeky moments from Miley herself, but it’s also filled with an incredible disregard for basic traffic safety, laws and common decency.

One of those cheeky moments occurred when Miley crawled through the interior of the car into the backseat, while it was still in motion. No pants, no seatbelt, no worries?

It all started off innocently enough, with the singer channeling OJ Simpson for a slo-mo police chase through the streets of Los Angeles, but we couldn’t help notice just how intently she was staring at the camera as it panned around and above the car.

As in, she wasn’t looking at the road at all.

It’s no wonder the car spent some time inside the aforementioned strip club, as well as crashing a hot tub party for two and even a children’s shooting range.

The kids were shooting at outlines of other kids, which is a not-so-subtle statement about all the school shootings America is doing nothing about. At another point, she drove past a row of kneeling football players, which actually included some white players as well.

It’s the kind of dense video you could pore over several times and still not find all of the little easter eggs, allusions, references and moments sprinkled throughout. Did you catch the nod to Miley on a wrecking ball?

Luckily, "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" is a catchy little tune, so you might not mind perusing it a time or two. We’re pretty sure Waldo isn’t in there, but it looks like everything else might be.

Miley Cyrus dropped her video the day before Ariana Grande’s hotly-anticipated "Thank U, Next" video release, which she has been incessantly teasing for weeks now. This gives Miley exactly one day to try and own the cultural spotlight before Ariana dominates every headline.

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