Carnival Paradise rescues sailor after receiving distress call

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It’s Carnival Paradise to the rescue.

A Carnival Cruise Line ship came to the aid of a sailor after he sent out a distress call that his boat was taking on water.

The cruise ship launched a lifeboat to retrieve the sailor, who was picked up 13 miles north of Cozumel, Mexico, where the Carnival Paradise had just departed.

“Carnival Paradise reversed course and lowered a rescue boat, brought the mariner onboard and provided food, water and medical treatment,” a spokesperson for Carnival said to Fox News in a statement.

“Carnival Paradise personnel coordinated with Mexican authorities to transfer the mariner, a Mexican national, to a ferry boat and take him ashore,” the statement continued.

The Carnival Paradise was en route to its homeport of Tampa after a four-day cruise when it received the distress alert from the small craft.

The sailor was reportedly not injured and returned to shore safely.

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