Cheeky social media users are FAKING holiday snaps with household items

Stools, washing up liquid bottles and even toilet seats are some of the bizarre objects being used in videos to replicate a plane journey.

The trick involves using handles of household items to replicate the window frame of a plane.

The "frame" is held up against moving pictures of clouds and aerial shots of a country – with the focus zoomed in – to recreate the view from a plane window.

Some social media users even added fake noises of people talking and babies crying in the background to simulate the travelling experience within the cabin.

The focus then pulls back to reveal that the person making the video is not on a plane at all, and is instead recreating the scene from the comfort of their own home.

People have been sharing videos of their "fake views" on Chinese social media networks such as Doujin and Weibo.

The popular challenge, shared via the hashtag "how to pretend you're on a plane", had more than 27 million views on Weibo, according to Mail Online.

One video saw a man put his dog's head into a toilet seat, with moving clouds in the background, to set the scene for a jet setting pooch.

Another used the handle of a washing up liquid bottle and footage filmed on his phone.

One person even used a stool to pretend he was travelling.

The videos began to circulate during Chinese New Year last week, according to CGTN.

People normally take advantage of the public holidays to go home to see family or to travel – and those who could not travel were inspired to post their own "holidays".

But it's not the only instance of "fake views" that's trended on social media.

Earlier this year, Izmir-resident Kadriye Akalin share her version, which involved a white plastic bottle.

The viral video garnered thousands of views in just a few days.

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