Hotels in the USA and Caribbean get major renovations

It’s been a successful year so far for the hotel industry. Rooms have been filled up in many cities.

As the holidays draw near, many hotels are expanding and upgrading to welcome vacationing crowds.

Here are a few notable ones.

Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa, St. Barth

Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa debuted in October 2016 in St. Barth. It was open for only one season when Hurricane Irma hit and wiped out the property.

Extensive renovations followed. On Oct. 28, exactly two years after its original debut, it unveiled its new look.

The property now has a new rooftop bar, a coffee corner and a new emphasis on wellness. The spa has been expanded with luxury skincare expert La Mer. It now has  hydrotherapy, a therapeutic detox in hot and cold baths, as well as a sauna, hammam and tea salon

There are now 44 rooms and suites and two oceanfront villas, each with six bedrooms and their own 55-foot lap pools.

The resort has one infinity pool overlooking the beach. The Océan Lux Piscine Privée rooms each have private plunge pools within a private patio.

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