OMG! George’s of Galilee excels at Rhode Island seafood specialties

The scene: Galilee is a small waterfront fishing village within the town of Narragansett, Rhode Island, which is extremely popular with surfers and beachgoers during summer season, and also close to historic Newport, a popular year-round tourism destination. In this southeastern corner of the state, everything is close together. Galilee itself is most often visited due to its prominence as the departure point for the ferry to Block Island. The ferry terminal sits across the street from George’s of Galilee, the most popular of several waterfront seafood specialists in the village, and importantly, one of the few in the area that is open all year. George’s has a prime location at the very end of the village’s few-block-long downtown, directly overlooking the beach and ocean. In summer season, its attached outdoor to-go operation is the most convenient choice for those visiting the adjacent state beach park.

George’s is a big restaurant with multiple indoor and outdoor spaces and can accommodate close to 500 guests at full capacity. The main dining room on the ground level has an upscale New England tavern feel, a little more polished than the typical coastal seafood “shack” aesthetic popular in these parts. The large room is split in two by a double-wide row of heavy wooden booths down the center, flanked on either side by regular tables, which like the chairs, are all dark brown wood in good shape. There is a large three-sided bar you can eat at, a stone fireplace, and the décor is nautical but subdued and not overly kitschy, with lots of historic framed prints and just a few more eclectic touches – a brass diving helmet here and an antique harpoon there.

There is a front outdoor dining patio connected directly to this main dining room, complete with glass propane heating towers to add warmth in the chilly shoulder season. Upstairs are two adjacent dining rooms, each with a large bar and additional seating, more pub-like, plus a large outdoor deck overlooking the beach – the single most popular seating choice in summer and the first to fill. Below this is an additional outdoor ground-level space that is turned into a beach bar in summer. Finally, along the parking lot on the longest side of the structure is a full to-go window operation serving both cooked hot food and ice cream. There are frequent happy hour specials and occasional live music upstairs, a calendar every month of specials and events, and at all times of year there is something for everyone at George’s.

Reason to visit: Lobster specialties, seafood pot pie, Rhode Island-style clam chowder, stuffies

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