Ryanair have quietly increased their baggage and priority check-in fees again

Previously, travellers had the option of paying for Priority Boarding, which costs £6 when booked at the same time as the flights and includes two cabin bags.

The alternative was paying to check a 10kg bag in, which cost between £8 and £10 depending on when it's added to the booking.

However, the low-cost airline has quietly upped its prices again.

Ryanair now charges between £6 and £10 for Priority Boarding, while a 10kg checked-in bag now costs £10 to £12.

Passengers who don't book checked luggage before travelling will be charged £25 to check in a bag at the airport.

It isn't clear when the new fees were introduced.

One eagled-eyed passenger has taken to social media to complain.

Twitter user Gabriele Maffoni said: "Please @Ryanair, explain me why priority is now up to 10£. The price of the flight I will never buy raises from 33 to 51£ round way. #lowcostuncazzo"

The airline changed their cabin bag policy and prices several times in recent months.

New cabin bag changes from November 1 meant passengers had to pay for priority boarding in order to take a bag into the cabin, costing £6 at the time of booking, or £8 if you add it on later.

If they want to check a bag weighing up to 10kg into the hold then they will have to pay £8 at the time of booking, or £10 to add it on later.

The budget airline also quietly hiked the fees in May last year, Sun Online Travel reported, increasing from £5 to £6.

Last month, passengers accused the airline of charging them twice for Priority Boarding when they got to the airport and the app not working when attempting to book their baggage option.

A glitch also saw travellers charged a £115 fee after their surnames were incorrectly changed automatically when booking.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Ryanair for comment.

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