The most sung about places in the world revealed

The most sung about locations in the world revealed: New York has the most mentions in songs followed by London and LA

  • Researchers looked at 200,000 songs to find which places are mentioned most
  • They found there are 2,000 songs by 896 artists with 420 places mentioned
  • Among the most popular places are California, Hollywood, Paris and Miami  

The most sung about locations in the world have been revealed – and its New York that is mentioned in the most songs.

Researchers analysed over 200,000 songs to discover which places around the world have been name checked the most in tunes released since the 1960s.

London takes second place in the fascinating ranking while Los Angeles is third.

New York, pictured, has been revealed as the most sung about place in the world, as it is mentioned in 161 songs since 1960

The study was conducted by Celebrity Cruises, which used scanned the lyrics of over 200,000 songs that charted in the top 40 of the US Billboard Hot 100 and UK Official Singles chart since 1960 to find mentions of cities, towns, neighbourhoods and states.

This extensive research resulted in a final data set of 2,000 songs by 896 artists with 420 different places being mentioned around the world and they have all been mapped.

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Top ranked New York is mentioned in 161 songs, followed by London in 101 songs and Los Angeles in 88 songs.

California is in fourth place as it is name checked in 68 tunes, followed by Hollywood in fifth place on 66 songs.

London came second in the fascinating ranking as the British capital is mentioned in 101 songs

Third place went to Los Angeles, pictured, as researchers found it is mentioned in 88 songs 

The rest of the top ten is made up of Paris (54 songs), Miami (46 songs), New Orleans (43 songs), Brooklyn (38 songs) and Rome (30 song).

Making up the top 20, in order are, Texas, San Francisco, Memphis, Georgia, Harlem, Tennessee, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit and Compton.

Meanwhile, the study also looked which artists sing the most about the world.

It found that Canadian rapper Drake mentions the most places in the world in his music.

A map showing the destinations around the world that are mentioned the most in songs 


1. New York, 161 songs

2. London, 101 songs

3. Los Angeles, 88 songs

4. California, 68 songs

5. Hollywood, 66 songs

6. Paris, 54 songs

7. Miami, 46 songs,

8. New Orleans, 43 songs

9. Brooklyn, 38 songs

10. Rome, 30 songs

 11. Texas, 30 songs

12. San Francisco, 29 songs

13. Memphis, 28 songs

14. Georgia, 28 songs

15. Harlem, 26 songs,

16. Tennessee, 24 songs

17. Chicago, 23 songs

18. Atlanta, 23 songs

19. Detroit, 21 songs

20. Compton, 21 songs

Source: Celebrity Cruises 

The platinum-selling musician mentions 29 places in his songs, including his hometown Toronto on tracks such as Summer Sixteen, Successful and Pop That.

More surprisingly he also raps about Versailles in France and Rotterdam in The Netherlands on Diplomatic Immunity and Madrid in Spain on Blue Tint.

Jay Z comes in a close second (27 places), then Elvis Presley (23 places), Tinie Tempah (22 places), The Beach Boys (22 places), Public Enemy (20 places), Chuck Berry (18 places), The Rolling Stones (16) and Rod Stewart (14 places).

Dr Jon Stewart, a music business course leader at British Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) Institute said: “Music is inevitably tied to location – who could imagine The Beach Boys without references to California?

Canadian rapper Drake, left, mentions the most places in the world in his music, while Jay Z, right is second 

‘Without the geographical touch points found in Britpop, it simply wouldn’t make sense. And, how would the blues, country, and rock and roll genres be received if they were stripped of all connections to the geography and politics of the American deep south that inspired them?’

While Jo Rzymowska, managing director of Celebrity Cruises added: ‘Music can inspire where we travel and bring back emotive memories of the places we’ve been – often providing a distinct soundtrack to our holidays and adventures.

‘By marrying music and travel over the past 60 years, we hope the project sparks conversation and inspiration for your next trip.’ 


 1. Drake – 29 places, 19 songs

2. Jay Z – 27 places, 14 songs

3. Elvis Presley – 23 places, eight songs

4. Tinie Tempah – 22 places, seven songs

5. The Beach Boys – 22 places, seven songs

6. Public Enemy – 20 places, three songs

7. Chuck Berry – 18 places, five songs  

8. The Rolling Stones – 16 places, eight songs

9. Rod Stewart – 14 places, six songs

10. T.I. – 14 places, four songs

11. Pitbull – 13 places, seven songs

12. Nicki Minaj – 13 places, six songs

13. Snoop Dogg – 12 places, six songs

14. Dr Dre – nine places, three songs

15. Lil’ Wayne – four places, three songs

Source: Celebrity Cruises 

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