Thomas Cook launches new sleeper seats in ECONOMY so for £200 more you can have the whole row to yourself

But Thomas Cook may have a solution – they've launched new sleeper seats in economy so passengers can have a whole row to themselves.

The new seats are on sale today and will be available on selected Thomas Cook Airlines' flights to long haul destinations such as New York and San Francisco from May 13 this year.

It's available for adults and children 12 years and older though the airline suggests that you would comfortably fit on the bed if you're under 5ft11.

And while you can swap seats with someone else after you book, only one person at a time can use the sleeper seats.

The price for the new sleeper seats starts from £200.

You have to book your flights as normal and then pay the additional fee each way – as you might for additional luggage – to bag the entire row of seats to yourself.

During the flight, the cabin crew will build your "bed", which will feature a special mattress with fitted sheets, head rest, pillow, blanket and amenity kit.

But if you've booked a meal, you will have to wait until you've finished eating before your bed is made.

Otherwise, you can sleep through your entire flight as you're also given a seat belt extension so you can be strapped down in case of any turbulence while you snooze.

The seats are only available towards the back of the flight, on the airline's A330 planes.

Sun Online Travel recently revealed how the back of the plane tends to be warmer as it's further away from draft.

It's also good for families with babies as the changing facilities are generally located towards the back of the plane as well.

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