As Brussels plots to lock the UK in its strangling grip forever — will the Tories stand and fight for Brexit?

Diplomats admit to The Sun that the terms of the “Irish backstop” which Theresa May’s Cabinet is poised to back would then be deployed to lock us in its grip permanently.

Forget those trade deals with America, China, India, Canada or anywhere else.

All would be banned.

Despite us voting for Brexit. Despite MPs voting to leave the customs union.

Despite all the Prime Minister’s ambitious speeches about a global Britain.

To get a post-Brexit trade deal, we would have to swallow crippling conditions the EU does not impose on others.

Absurdly, it would retain control over the trading policy of the world’s fifth largest economy — by then a non-EU member. And, according to Ireland’s cocky PM Leo Varadkar, we would have to stick to all EU rules. Permanently.

Can the Tories really sign up to this?

Or will they stand and fight?

Some believe we can get out of it all once we have left, next March 29.

We’re not convinced. Even if Britain could, when have we ever done anything but stick slavishly to every letter of our international obligations?

We are not French, let’s face it.

Crime copout

HOW’S this as an excuse for soft justice?

The Tory “two strikes and you’re out” rule was supposed to mean automatic jail for anyone caught twice with a knife.

But hundreds  are still set free by courts ignoring the edict. Now the Tories say “repeat offenders convicted under the ‘two strikes’ rule are 20 per cent more likely to go to prison than in 2015”.

So it’s “two strikes and you’re slightly more likely to be jailed than before”.

No wonder gang members brazenly carry machetes.

It’s not just policing that needs radical change — and we welcome Sajid Javid’s claim that significant new funding is just weeks away.

It’s that our courts must get tougher, as a deterrent and to get murderous thugs off the streets.

Failing Europe

QUELLE surprise! The EU reckons Britain’s economic prospects are worse than those of anyone in its club.

And its Remainer stooges pop up like automated bots to carp about their own country being “the sick man of Europe”.

That’s the same Europe which has youth unemployment at 34, 32 and 20.4 per cent in Spain, Italy and France, compared with our 11.5. And overall unemployment in those countries of 15, 10 and 9.3 per cent when ours is four.

Of course, the EU’s  forecasters are hardly likely to talk up our prospects.

But one thing is clear. Shackle ourselves to their failing model and we’ll fail too.

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