Baghdad BOMBED as rocket explodes close to US embassy – ‘We will respond accordingly’

The country’s military said a rocket was fired but nobody was harmed as a result of the blast. In a statement, the Iraqi military added that “A Katyusha rocket fell in the middle of the Green Zone without causing any losses.” The rocket landed near the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, which lies in open ground round 500m north of the US embassy.

The strike was heard throughout central Baghdad, witnesses and residents claimed.

The embassy in Baghdad and U.S. consulate in the Iraqi Kurdish regional capital Erbil evacuated non-emergency staff this week, out of apparent concern about perceived threats from Iraq’s neighbour, Iran.

A US official confirmed the “low grade” rocket had landed in the Green Zone near the embassy.

The spokesperson said that there had so far been no claim of responsibility of the attack.

But the official warned: “We take this incident very seriously.

“We will hold Iran responsible if any such attacks are conducted by its proxy militia forces or elements of such forces, and will respond to Iran accordingly.”

In recent weeks, US President Donald Trump has sent additional forces to the region in order to counter “credible” threats from Iran against US interests.

Iran described the bolstering of troop as “psychological warfare” and “a political game”.

The Green Zone was regularly targeted by mortars during the U.S. occupation of Iraq that ended in 2011.

Rockets have occasionally been fired into the Green Zone since then. The latest such incident was in September, when three mortar shells landed inside the Green Zone, causing no casualties.

Trump said in a tweet: “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran.

“Never threaten the United States again.”

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