Child spends ages carefully climbing across a fence

Water waste! Child spends ages carefully climbing across a fence to avoid a giant puddle – only to be soaked by a passing car

  • The unnamed child carefully walks along the green fence to avoid getting wet
  • While shimmying across the fence a white car passes and drenches the child
  • Footage of the persistent child trying to stay dry was captured in Neltume, Chile

This is the comical moment a child tries their absolute best to avoid stepping into a large puddle by shimmying across a fence-only to be drenched by a passing car seconds later. 

Footage, captured in Neltume, Chile, shows the unidentified child hold onto the rails and carefully try to keep their balance as they walk across the green fence.

However as the child slowly troops along, a white car, oblivious to the child’s well-intentioned efforts, drives at full speed through the puddle and drenches the child with water.

The unidentified child tries to keep their feet dry and avoid stepping into a puddle by shimmying across a fence in Neltume, Chile

The child carefully places their feet at each intersection of the fence in an effort to stay dry

During the video, filmed on December 14, the child, who appears to be wearing maroon trousers, a black jacket and a rucksack, places their feet delicately at each intersection of the fence.

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The child, who has been successful so far, continues shimmying along the fence before the car approaches.

As the car drives past, the persistent child is sprayed with water and stops momentarily.   

Seconds later a driver in a white car emerges and accelerates through the large puddle

As the vehicle  drives through the puddle the child is sprayed with water and left drenched

On YouTube, viewers shared both their admiration for the child and their amusement at the comical video.    

One user wrote: ‘Gotta say. It’s mean. But too damn funny.’

While another said: ‘Aww poor baby lol well he will be fine.’

Another user simply wrote: ‘Life is hard lol.’ 

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