Man City star Sergio Aguero ‘caught napping’ in cheeky snap by roommate Lionel Messi

“The alarm clock didn’t go off”


It didn’t take long for Aguero to reply, admitting he overslept.

He wrote: “The alarm clock didn’t go off.”

The photo quickly racked up well over five million likes and Neymar was among those replying by jokingly saying “b****rd” for publishing the snap.

Benjamin Mendy and Dani Alves also liked the photo and former Liverpool star Maxi Rodriguez, a former international teammate of the pair, wrote: “With me he always got up early Leo (along with a laughing emoji).”

Messi and Aguero are with the Argentina squad in the Brazilian city of Salvador de Bahia as they prepare for the Copa America later this month.

The pair have been pals since they famously met for the first time at the Under-20 World Championships in 2005.

Aguero later admitted that he didn’t know who Messi was.

He said: “I didn’t know who he was. I was eating at the Ezeiza (Argentina training ground) and he was on my right.

“We were talking about boots with Garay and Formica when Leo said something about the United States and I thought who is he?

“I watched football but in Argentina not in Europe and so I said to Leo ‘What’s your name?’

“Messi he replied, don’t you know who he is asked the others and I did know from the news that there was a good player at Barcelona.

“Later I saw him train and I realised how good he was. Then at that World Championships we roomed together.”

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