More asphalt testing on Red Hill Valley Parkway planned for Tuesday

There will be one more round of asphalt testing before the Red Hill Valley Parkway (RHVP) is closed for resurfacing.

The City of Hamilton says there will be rolling lane closures starting at 9:30 Tuesday morning in the left lane of the northbound, or downbound, RHVP.

The rolling closures are to allow for one more round of sample collection and testing of the current asphalt surface, and they will happen at five different locations in the left lane throughout the day on Tuesday.

In a release, the city states that the data compiled “may inform ongoing litigation matters.”

The city also says the Commissioner overseeing a judicial inquiry into the Red Hill Valley Parkway matter “has indicated its support of the testing as it may assist the work of the judicial inquiry.”

A full closure of the northbound parkway for resurfacing will begin as scheduled Tuesday night at 9 p.m., between the LINC and the QEW.

That closure is scheduled to last about three weeks and a resurfacing of the southbound lanes of the RHVP will follow in mid-June.

Other safety improvements will also be made during the closures including 10 kilometres of steel guide rails with reflectors, bright durable lane markings, and rumble strips.

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