Mum's horror after 'finding needle' in Pampers nappy baby son was wearing

Kayleigh Smith, 30, bought the Pampers nappy from Co-op and found the needle in the lining while her son Freddie was wearing it.

She is now urging other parents to always check their nappies for dangerous items that may have been planted.

Kayleigh, from Kinver, West Midlands, took to Facebook to warn others, saying she "can't believe what's happened".

She wrote: "I always buy Aldi nappy’s love them.But I ran out yesterday so went to co-op and brought some pampers paid loads for them actually.

"Freddie’s just came up to me pulling at his nappy I knew something was bothering him so had a look..To find a needle perfectly bent in the lining of the nappy.

"I’m fuming.He has scratches on his thigh and bum.Thes some sick f**kers actually doing this shit."

Other mums flocked to comment their support on the Facebook post, sharing their concern for the safety of children using Pampers nappies.

Hannah James wrote: "This is terrible, I’d be furious! Ahh Kay.. hope he is ok & you, poor Freddie😨.. xx".

Meanwhile Julie Collett commented: "That is disgraceful they need to take them off shelf in co op xx".

Others wrote that they hoped the needle found in the nappy was clean, such as Georgia Allen who commented: "OMG!!!!! That’s awful hope he’s okay!!! Hopefully the needle was clean! Xxxxxxx".

Kayleigh later commented to reassure her friends that Freddie was okay: "He’s fine but that could of been different if he’d of sat the wrong way or something. I’m fuming I’m getting on to pampers and co-op. I can’t believe I’ve witnessed this shit with my own eyes. Gobsacked."

The Facebook post has since had over 140 shares and over 50 comments.

Kayleigh later told Heart radio station: "I'm absolutely mortified.

"To me, it looks like it's been threaded through the nappy.

"Obviously, you don't know whether it's clean or dirty.

"It could have been a lot, lot worse.

"If he'd have sat differently, or on the side, it could have gone straight in."

Pampers said in a statement: "We are sorry to hear about this family’s experience: we are in discussion with the family in order to understand what happened. We have requested that the product and packaging are returned for full investigation as soon as possible. Until this is done, we’re unable to provide specific comments on this case.

"Our number one priority is to ensure that our products are completely safe for babies to use. Our nappies are made to very high standards and we have strict quality checks in place at every stage of manufacturing process.

"We encourage parents who have any questions or comments about our products to get in touch with us – our UK free line number 0800 328 328 1."

The Sun Online contacted the Co-op but they declined to comment.

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