Playboy model ‘arrested’ after posing NAKED at Vatican with CRUCIFIX

Playboy model ‘is arrested’ after posing NAKED at the Vatican while carrying a CRUCIFIX in latest controversial stunt

  • Belgian Playboy model posed naked while carrying a crucifix while at the Vatican
  • Marisa Papen carried wooden cross in front of St Peter’s Basilica for photo shoot
  • Pair arrested and taken to a police station and held for ten hours before release
  • Previously posed naked on a rooftop overlooking the Western Wall in Jerusalem 

A Playboy model has been arrested for posing naked at the Vatican while carrying a large wooden crucifix in the latest of a series of controversial stunts.

Belgian model Marisa Papen made headlines around the world when she was imprisoned after posing naked at the Karnak Temple Complex near the Egyptian city of Luxor.

One picture from the latest shoot shows a nude Marisa dragging a large wooden crucifix across a street in the Vatican with St Peter’s Basilica visible in the background.

Another picture shows Marisa sitting nude on some bibles on the wet cobblestones of St Peter’s Square while other snaps show her tied to the cross. 

When police saw what they were doing officers chased after her and photographer Jesse Walker and put the pair in a cell, before releasing them ten hours later.  

Very cross: Police did not like this image of Marisa Papen crossing a street in Vatican City near the St Peter’s Basilica carrying a huge wooden crucifix on her shoulder 

In one of the pictures Marisa also posed naked with candles as a man stands over her appearing to read from the Bible 

Marisa and Australian Jesse, who runs an eyewear brand, took the snaps in Egypt and Turkey, as part of a campaign for his company. 

Marisa and Jesse, in St Peter’s Square they were chased by the Italian police who witnessed the photoshoot.

Jesse said: ‘I have a talented friend, Lucas, in Bali that makes beautiful high-end teak furniture. He made it (the crucifix) so it comes apart and bolts together in three pieces. A life-sized collapsible teak crucifix.

‘Getting it in an out of Uber vans was hysterical, the drivers didn’t know what to make of it, but you know the Italians are lovely people, so it was no big deal to them.’ 

Marisa also caused outrage in Israel when posing in front of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall and in Turkey when she lifted up her burka inside Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia, a former Byzantine church and Ottoman mosque which is now a museum, to reveal her genitals for a cheeky picture.

Marisa was pictured sitting nude on some bibles in the middle of St Peter’s Square in the Vatican

As Marisa lay naked on a wooden floor a man dressed in holy clothes made a sign of the cross on her forehead in red paint 

When Marisa has posed completely naked on a rooftop overlooking the Western Wall in Jerusalem she sparked outrage from the holy site’s chief rabbi. 

Other pictures shared online in the past include her straddling a flagpole waving the Israeli flagpole and posing topless in the Dead Sea.

The duo, who have previously compared themselves to a modern-day Bonny and Clyde over their daring photoshoots, were taken to a police station where they were questioned and detained.

Marisa said: ‘I was right in the middle of putting on my underwear when two police cars suddenly arrived and another four cops approached us on foot, brandishing their batons and saying “passports please”.

‘There we were again, behind bars in a tiny little cell with dirt and ash on the floor. Jesse and I looked at each other and we burst out laughing.’

Jesse and Marisa were eventually taken to their Airbnb rental apartment where cops found the large wooden crucifix as well as other props such as priest outfits, fake blood, rosaries and a crown of thorns.

Marisa added: ‘At first it seemed as though they wanted to take the cross with them, but then they probably agreed that it would be too much hassle to drag it down the stairs of the fifth-floor flat.’

When police saw what they were doing in public officers chased after the pair and put them in a cell, before releasing them ten hours later

Marisa Papen straddling an Israeli flag pole as part of a photoshoot in which she sat naked on a rooftop overlooking the Western Wall in Jerusalem

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The pair were taken back to the police station, but was eventually released some ten hours after their arrest after the cops took their fingerprints and mugshots at the local courthouse.

Jesse said: ‘We are willing to put it all on the line for these photoshoots even if it means jail time. It is something we thrive on and are very used to now so it is nothing new.

‘I like to think ENKI and Marisa are the two most controversial artists and brand on the planet right now, and that’s something I am very proud of.’

Marisa said: ‘For me, the biggest problem is with the institutions built around religion. They are driven by money and are soulless.’

Marisa said a prime example took place on Sunday when she was on St Peter’s Square and the Pope appeared from the window to give a short speech and traditional Angelus prayer.

Marisa pictured in a carpet shop in Turkey after she was jailed for taking risque snaps inside an Egyptian temple

One of Marisa’s other controversial photoshoots included some nude pictures outside an Egyptian temple

Marisa said: ‘One of the many beggars on the square caught my eye, a barefoot gypsy lady with badly deformed posture.’

‘Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she was shaking her wet paper cup for some coins. All the colourful umbrellas passed by in front of her. It was like nobody even saw her.

‘I thought to myself, imagine if the Vatican was a place that actually helped people. Imagine if all these huge churches opened their doors for people in need.’ 

At the end of 2017, just months after her arrest in Egypt, Papen posed nude to raise awareness and money for wild animals in Africa and in particular in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Her 2018 nude calendar, Ms Papen teamed up with Robert Muir, the British biologist and CEO of Forgotten Parks Foundation, an organisation which protects wildlife and tries to enhance the management of ‘forgotten’ National Parks in partnership with governments and local communities. 

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