Terrifying moment DJ threatens to BEHEAD private jet passengers in mid-air meltdown

Maurice Paola, 23, was aboard a flight from Las Vegas to New York when he began raging, threatening other passengers and banging his head against the side of the plane.

In a video taken by another passenger on-board Paola can be seen shouting at airline staff "get me to New York now".

He then pulled at his unbuttoned shirt and while looking out the window shouting "get me in the f*****g corn fields, baby. I'll eat the f*****g corn."

He then becomes more violent, shouting "f*** you" at many of the passengers and saying "put me in a cell, I dare you. Heads will be chopped off."

He also screamed, “I’m a sick f***. I was just in a psych hospital. You have no idea.”

Paola threatened a passenger sat with two young children, shouting he would "kill them and their children".

He reportedly threw cups and other items at his fellow passengers.

After attempting to calm Paola down, a flight attendant armed herself with an oxygen bottle before the crew barricaded themselves into the cockpit, declaring an emergency.

The jet made an emergency landing in Nebraska where Paola was arrested by cops after being taken down with a stun gun.

He was charged with making terroristic threats – but a judge found him “mentally incompetent and unable to stand trial,” and ordered him held for mental health treatment, reports CNBC.

If found guilty, he could face up to 20 years in jail.

The incident took place on board a JetSmarter, an airline dubbed 'Uber for private jets', flight on September 3.

Although the airline claims to do background checks on passengers, Paola was still allowed to fly despite disturbing tweets he posted in the days before flying.

The day before the flight he tweeted: "The next person that steps near my crib will have their head taken off their shoulders….fair warning".

And "From a jail cell to the private jet lmao they can’t stop @ me".

He also wrote he is a "possessed man" on the social media site and “Call the cops I dare ya they’ll get taken out.”

JetSmarter spokesman Ronn Torossian said: “JetSmarter provides security far in excess of what commercial airlines provide. This was an unfortunate isolated incident.”

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