Video of angry mechanic shouting at cyclist sparks funny memes

Video of angry mechanic shouting ‘Why you coming fast?’ at cyclist who crashes into him sparks wave of funny online memes

  • In the video, he is is repairing the wheel of a car when a cyclist crashes into him
  • Hilarity ensues as the mechanic gets off the ground clutching his head  
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A new craze is sweeping the nation after a hilarious video has prompted people to ask: ‘Why you coming fast?!’ 

Memes are flooding the internet after a mechanic was the unfortunate star of a clip uploaded to YouTube. 

In the video which seems to have been shot in the UK, he is is repairing the wheel of a car when a cyclist wearing a helmet cam captures the moment his bike clips a wall at speed sends him hurtling into the man wearing a high visibility vest.

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Despite being highly visible, he slams his head against the vehicle he’s working on and hilarity ensues. 

The video was uploaded in November last year but has had somewhat of a resurgence online, with people even dressing up as the unfortunate mechanic for Halloween. 

As the cyclist apologises and offers an explanation as to why he was coming so fast, the worker fumes in hilarious fashion as he clutches his head.

Somebody painstakingly animated a version of the original video, with great detail

The unfortunate mechanic clutches his head in pain and berates the cyclist with the head cam 

Despite the cyclist’s apology the man becomes increasingly irate, barking: ‘Why you f****** coming fast?!’ 

He even eventually hurls the cyclist’s bike away and demands he stays put before asking in a worried voice, ‘is there blood?’

One YouTube user summed up the brilliance of the video, posting: ‘This is hands down non negotiationable the most funny video I have ever seen.’ 

The unfortunate mechanic’s response to being hit has now become his catchphrase online

The mechanic was working low down on the wheel of a car when he was hit by the cyclist 

Another posted: ‘Some say he still has his hand on his head to this day.’ 

Like all good viral videos, several people have even remixed the clip. A Twitter user that goes by the name of VMan uploaded a version and a drill rasp version emerged too. 

It appears the man is not from the UK but the cyclist’s accent  and surroundings may mean the video was shot somewhere in London. What is clear is that the footage has caused quite a stir online.

This man even donned a high visibility jacket to impersonate the injured mechanic

This Twitter user shared a remixed version of the video, titled ‘Why You Coming Fast Remix’ 

A viewer, posting on YouTube said: ‘The fact that he held his head for the whole video is the funniest thing in history.’ 

Technically, the man in the high visibility vest has every right to be annoyed.

In the UK it is, although a grey area, an offence to cycle on the pavement as it is designated for pedestrians if it doesn’t have special cyclist markings.  

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