Weekend washout set to start TONIGHT as low pressure vortex brings heavy rain and flooding – how will weather forecast affect you?

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for the west of the country, Wales and Belfast.

Brits will also face floods and power cuts on Friday with more torrential rain set to batter the country.

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for South West England, South Wales, Norther Ireland and parts of Scotland.

But Friday will see heavy rain of up to two inches during the day and evening between 9am and 9pm.

The Met Office warns of “flooding of a few homes and businesses” and the possibility of “short term loss of power and other services”.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: "All of these ingredients combined mean we could see some disruption across Northern Ireland, south Wales and the southwest of England in particular into the Friday evening rush hour.”

The Met Office website warns higher parts of the UK could see 40-60mm of rain.

Drivers were  hit by travel chaos as the UK was hit by a double whammy of wind and rain yesterday – and things are set to get much, much worse.

A super storm looks set to trigger weather misery for three days.

Tropical air brought in to the UK on a supercharged jet stream will lead to a series of torrential downpours into the weekend.

McGivern added: “The winds will pick up and for these areas as well as later on for parts of Scotland an inch of rain is expected widely and over the hills more than that.

“That combines with a strengthening wind, gales of 50-60 miles per hour around the coast.

Today will be calmer, though it could get chilly for a few of us.

Cloudier conditions could mean early outbreaks of showery rain through northern England, the midlands, Wales and the southwest

Mr McGivern added: “A keen breeze from the south will push it fairly swiftly northwards.

“East Anglia and the south east through stay dry with sunshine continuing into the afternoon and winds importing mild air, 12-14 degrees through the afternoon.”

The Met Office says intense bursts of rain, as well as leaves falling leading to blocked drains, will increase the likelihood of disruption to travel as roads could flood making journey times longer.

But the rain is expected to clear away as Thursday evening wears on.

Flood warning are also in place from the Environment Agency along the south coast, particularly at high tide when there's a risk of "significant spray and shingle overtopping".

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