World’s most expensive island goes on sale for £360m in UAE

Yours for £360MILLION: The world’s most expensive island – a man-made 660-acre expanse in the Arabian Peninsula – goes up for sale in UAE

  • Al Marjan Island is a collection of four man-made islands in the northernmost of the United Arab Emirates
  • The buyer will get their hands on five million square feet of land including hotels, clubs and beachside resorts
  • Made up of Dream Island, Breeze Island, Treasure Island and View Island, it is being offered to foreign buyers

A private 660-acre island in the United Arab Emirates has gone on sale for £360million, offering private beaches, five-star hotels and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. 

Al Marjan Island, which has gone on the market, is a collection of four man-made expanses in the northernmost of the United Arab Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah. 

The buyer, who will have to fork out $462million (£360million) for the property, will get their hands on five million square feet of land with many clubs, hotels and beachside resorts already in place. 

The four islands – Dream Island, Breeze Island, Treasure Island and View Island – provide ‘breathtaking views’ and a ‘naturally luxurious environment’, according to the property’s online listing.  

The advertisement aims to attract foreign buyers with the offer of no income tax or foreign exchange controls, with much of the infrastructure already there.  

Four islands: View Island is seen in the foreground in front of Dream Island (left), Treasure Island (centre) and Breeze Island (closest to the shore), in a largely empty view of the property, together making up the 660-acre Al Marjan Island  

Luxury: Sandy beaches, expensive waterfront properties with swimming pools and further construction work taking place on Al Marjan Island, which has gone on the market for £360million in the United Arab Emirates 

High-class accommodation: One of the luxury residences on the island, in the northernmost of the United Arab Emirates, with swimming pools and outdoor seating outside extravagant hotel buildings 

Waterfront: The new owner of the island – who will fork out £360million to secure the four islands which make up the property – will get their hands on a ‘partially developed’ stretch of land with more room to build 

Luxury living: Swimming pools, grassy lawns and sun loungers with a view of the sea at one of the hotels on Al Marjan Island, which features sandy beaches and five-star accommodation 

Man-made: The islands have unusual circular and angular shapes, and stretch a combined 2.8 miles into the Arabian Gulf 

Extravagant: Some of the luxury buildings on the seafront on Treasure Island, the closest of the four land masses to the shore

On the beach: The clear blue water on the shore of Al Marjan Island with luxury accommodation and swimming pools behind 

The islands, shaped in circles and corals, extend some 2.8 miles into the sea.  

The property listing says: ‘Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Arabian Peninsula, and enclosed by the Yanis and Jais Mountains, Al Marjan Island is truly a luxury destination. 

‘With sun, sand and sea all year round, Al Marjan welcomes residents and visitors from all over the world; and welcomes them to a landscape not only rich in luxury but luxurious in all things natural. 

‘A collection of four pristine man-made islands, each island features luxurious hospitality and residential living throughout.

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‘The island offers complete leisure and entertainment opportunities that ensure children, adults, residents and tourists enjoy quality family time.

‘With waterfront homes, quality hotels and resorts, marinas, private beaches for residents, leisure, retail and recreational facilities, Al Marjan Island is a unique investment opportunity with high returns.

‘Moreover, to meet all our residents’ needs, world-class Education and Health facilities are accessible in close proximity to the island.

‘Simply, Al Marjan Island is a much sought-after destination for residents, tourists and investors. A place that will soon become a destination of choice for all.’ 

Room for development: The high-class hotels and beach resorts share the island with open land with space for more 

Dream destination: A picturesque view of a hotel’s swimming pools and sun loungers with the Arabian Gulf in the background

Dream Island: The furthest from shore of the four, this portion of Al Marjan Island is described on the property listing as offering ‘breathtaking views, access to golden beaches, signature hotels, and world-renowned beach clubs’ 

Scenic: Hotels on Al Marjan Island with a large swimming pool in the foreground and the backdrop of the Arabian Gulf

Unusual layout: The buildings, hotels and beachfront resorts form circles and semicircles on this part of Al Marjan Island, in an artist’s impression of what the completed development would look like  

Steps to heaven: Some of the buildings on Al Marjan Island have this unusual design which resembles a flight of stairs 

Clear blue water: The shimmering sea around Al Marjan Island, situated in the northernmost of the United Arab Emirates 

On the shore: This aerial view shows the extravagant buildings at the start of Al Marjan Island next to the deserted land nearby

Under construction: Several cranes work on the latest additions to Al Marjan Island in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah

View over the bay: People on the roof of these buildings can see across the water to beaches on the other side 

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