10 Love Island memes which sum up how much people HATE Adam

Let’s face it, Love Island would be nothing without the token villain.

Y’know, the contestant who just can’t make up their mind on ONE perspective partner so instead try to sneakily make their way around the whole group before eventually getting caught out.

Enter, Adam Collard

Now, don’t let those bulging muscles and dreamy brown eyes fool you, because behind that charming Geordie accent lies a man who is determined to have his cake and eat it.

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And by that, we mean flirt with every single girl in the villa while also trying to pretend he’s the ‘boyfriend type’. As Dani perfectly put it, ‘he has very big balls’!

In case you’re wondering why we’re going in so hard on poor Adam, let us catch you up. Not only did he dump Kendall Rae-Knight quicker than you can say ‘I’ve got a text!’, but now the wannabe reality star has decided to try and screw over his latest partner Rosie Williams as well. Classic Adam.

Yup, like clockwork this year’s villain was seen making the moves on new girl Megan Barton Hanson behind Rosie’s back, before then digging the knife in even more by saying she was too ‘materialistic’ for him.

And as the nation watched on in united glee while Adam tried to squirm his way out of a pretty sticky situation, the Internet gave us whole load of amazing memes proving just how much they dislike him…

1. It was a tense wait

Yep ? (tt/ellisflemingx)

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2. But totally worth it

3. Some interesting theories were born…

Thoughts? (tt/RebekahMCharles)

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4. While most of us were just totally baffled


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5. Let’s face it, everyone enjoyed watching the look on Adam’s face

6. Keep digging…

7. Inevitably, viewers just couldn’t help comparing him to the legend that is Doctor Alex George

Yes ??

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8. We KNEW we’d seen Adam before

9. Harsh but fair?

True ?

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10. Basically, Niall had it spot on…

?? @thatgirlpage_ is a must follow if you’re a girl ? (@nathanjain_)

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Unfortunately, we’re all going to have to wait a little while longer to see whether Rosie chooses to stay with Adam or do the whole nation a favour and pick someone (anyone) else.

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