10 Times Prince George & Princess Charlotte Stole The Show With Their Picture-worthy Antics

Tantrums and headstands and face palms, oh my! We never know what these royal kiddos are going to do next, but so far, so cute. Take a look at their most memorable moments!

When your mom is the Duchess of Cambridge and your dad is the Duke — not to mention your grandmother is the Queen of England, for crying out loud! — all eyes aren’t always on you. Even when you’re cherub-cheeked and adorable like four-year-old Prince George and three-year-old Princess Charlotte.  But despite all of the royal hubbub going on around them, these super cute sibs still manage to steal the show time and time again. Throwing a fit before your sister’s christening? No sweat for little George. And sticking your tongue out at the Royal Wedding? Not a problem for Charlotte — or for her uncle Prince Harry back in the day, for that matter. That’s just how these royal kids roll!

The best part is, whether these cute kiddos are crying, cuddling, or calming down, their royal parents always respond to their antics in the best way. Kate Middleton scooped Charlotte up like a ninja when she slipped on the palace balcony just last week, then managed her ensuing meltdown like a pro. And who could forget about the time Prince William gave his son a pep talk when George was reluctant to appear in front of the papz? Whatever these little ones throw the couple’s way, Kate and William handle each situation with patience and grace. They are royal, after all.

Speaking of royals, we can’t wait to see what the newest member of their fam is going to add to the mix. Little Prince Louis  may have been born just two months ago, but we bet he’ll have just as much personality as his super sassy siblings! So until he gets cute in front of the camera, take a look at George and Charlotte’s show-stopping moments.

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