11 Celebs Who Mysteriously Wiped All Traces of Their Exes on Instagram

Though it’s now official that the Arrow star and Jeff Leatham are divorcing after six months of marriage, breakup rumors went into overdrive a few days earlier, after the actor deleted several recent photos of him and Leatham from his Instagram feed. Haynes also dropped the word “husband” from his bio, as well as his hyphenated married name, Haynes-Leatham.

Following their October 2017 split — after 10 months of dating — The Weeknd went ahead and erased all photos of ex Selena Gomez. This comes after Gomez rekindled a romance with ex Justin Bieber (and they were recently spotted kissing) so that may have influenced The Weeknd’s decision to erase the “Wolves” singer from his photo-sharing history as well.

Turns out we can’t keep up with the youngest Kardashian sibling. The reality star and soon-to-be dad is known for sharing regular posts on Instagram … and deleting almost all of them shortly after. It occurred recently when Kardashian first made his relationship with Blac Chyna Instagram official, flooding everyone’s feeds with couple pics – only to wipe off all traces of his flame during an alleged rough patch. But the Chyna-less feed didn’t last long: After what seemed a few hours, Kardashian began posting of pics of his expectant fiancée again to announce that yes, the two were back on. But the pair didn’t stay drama-free for long: Kardashian went on another deleting spree in July 2016, wiping off all evidence of Chyna and even unfollowing the model on Instagram.

New love, new Instagram. After pictures of Swift getting cozy with actor Tom Hiddleston in Rhode Island hit the Internet, the “Style” singer, who split from Calvin Harris, erased every picture of her ex on Instagram. The Scottish deejay did the same, and even deleted his tweet addressing their breakup.

In addition to wiping all traces of Swift from his social media, the deejay also took it upon himself to delete recent tweets addressing his ex’s decision to go public with the fact that she wrote the lyrics for Harris and Rihanna’s hit song “This Is What You Came For.” “I know you’re off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I’m not that guy, sorry,” one of Harris’ tweets read. “I won’t allow it.”

In July 2016, Kardashian took to Instagram to post a quote that may have been a little too revealing. Why? Some say the quote, which touched upon growing apart and learning to love yourself, may have alluded to ex Lamar Odom. The pair have had a tumultuous relationship that ultimately ended with the reality star filing for divorce (for a second time) in May.

Following his split from Little Mix songstress Perrie Edwards, the former One Direction singer (who is currently dating Gigi Hadid) erased any evidence of being in a relationship with Edwards – but only after the blonde beauty did it first.

After PEOPLE confirmed that the Baywatch star and model Sami Miré broke up in April 2016, the actor went ahead and removed all photos of the pair from his Instagram and stopped following her social media.

Actions speak louder than words? Though Jonas, who split from his girlfriend of two years, former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, in 2015, revealed his upcoming album Last Year Was Complicated touches on the pair’s relationship, he still deleted photos of the pair from his Instagram feed. Culpo, however, kept them on hers.

Following Jonas and Gigi Hadid’s split in November 2015 – and after news broke that the model began dating Zayn Malik – the singer went ahead and deleted a photo he had on his Instagram with Malik. “I think it’s interesting that she moved on so quickly,” Jonas told the Daily Mirror of his ex in April.

We’ve witnessed plenty of Instagram SDA (social displays of affection) posted by Bieber of Selena Gomez (they’re currently back on!) during one of their many breaks, but we never thought the “Company” singer would go back on his passion for the starlet and delete pics of his former flame from 2014 and 2016.

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