15 Lyrics From Beyonce And Jay-Z's Joint Album That Celebrate And Encourage Black Excellence

Over the weekend, Beyonce and Jay-Z broke the Internet with the surprise release of their very first joint album, Everything Is Love. 

As has been the case with each of their most recent solo projects, the Carters’ debut collaboration album is filled with references highlighting multiple aspects of Black excellence. Whether speaking on their personal struggles and triumphs both individually and as a couple or offering up aspirational gems to help the next person follow in their footsteps, this is one power couple who is adamant about using their craft to help educate the communities they came from on how to achieve the ultimate success.

Scroll through to check out 15 lyrics from Everything Is Love that offers either a subtle or blatant nod to the Black excellence we all should strive for.

“What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? I have no fear of anything, do everything well.” – Jay-Z, on Nice

“Extra magazine, hopped on the Jet wit my Ebony chick. Blacker than the ESSENCE Fest, the behind-the-back pass is so effortless.” Jay-Z on “Black Effect”

“Over here we measure success by how many people successful next to you. Here we say you broke if everybody is broke, except for you.” -Jay-Z on Boss

“The fro that I grow got no perm in it. May be late, but I’m best dressed. Got slowed down by the weight of my necklaces.” – Jay Z on BLACK EFFECT

“Patiently waiting for my demise, cause my success can’t be quantified. If I gave two f*cks, two f*cks ‘bout streaming numbers, woulda put Lemonade up on Spotify.” -Beyonce on NICE

We stan fashionable hats. 

“To all the good girls that love hustlers, to the mothers that put up with us, to all the babies that suffer cause of us, we only know love because of ya. America’s a muthafucka to us, lock us up, shoot us, shoot our self-esteem down, we don’t deserve true love. Black queens, you rescued us.” – Jay-Z on 713

Definitely feel like they’re performing “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” here.

“My great-great-grandchildren already rich. That’s a lot of brown chirren on your Forbes list.” -Beyonce on BOSS 

Mommy and me – Beyonce’s bejeweled green dress is simply stunning with her mini me, Blue, by her side.

“The ups and downs are worth it. Long way to go but, we’re working. We’re flawed but we’re still perfect, for each other. Sometimes I thought we’d never see the light, we went through hell with heaven on our side, this beach aint always been no paradise, but nightmares only last one night.” Beyonce on LOVE HAPPY

“When I say free the dawgs, I free em. That’s how Meek got his freedom, Y’all put n****s on the t-shirt, it hurts that you aint never meet em.” – Jay-Z on FRIENDS

“I aint going to nobody nothing, if me and my wife beefin’. I don’t care if the house on fire, I’m dying, n***a I aint leaving.” – Jay-Z on FRIENDS

“They pray, pray for me, see better things for me, want better days for me, unselfishly. They pray, pray for me, whenever I’m in need, they in the backseat, with the aux bumping Bey.” -Beyonce on FRIENDS

“LeBron James to you Omarosa’s, Dapper Dan at 4am, I am the culture.” – Jay-Z on BLACKEFFECT

“I give my daughter my custom dresses, she gon be litty. Vintage pieces by the time she hit the city.” Beyonce on LOVE HAPPY

“Since the Kalief doc, they been at my neck. Y’all could tell em Trayvon is coming next.” – Jay-z on BLACKEFFECT

“I’m good anywhere I go, anywhere I go, I pull up like the Freedom Riders, hop out on Rodeo.” – Beyonce on BLACK EFFECT

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