17 Celeb Couples Who Fell in Love at First Sight

On Watch What Happens Live, the model revealed that she first got in touch with the Maroon 5 frontman while he was searching for someone to star in a music video. “He got my information through a mutual friend,” she told host Andy Cohen. “He was trying to get a girl for a music video. I couldn’t do it, but we started emailing. It was like weeks and weeks. And then finally, I went to L.A. for a job, and we met. And it was honestly less awkward. We felt like we knew each other. It was kind of love at first sight, because we had that constant back and forth.”

Love at first sight was a little complicated for the longtime couple who met while making the 1987 film The Experts. Preston told host Andy Cohen on What What Happens Live! that she fell in love with the Grease star even though she was married at the time.

“Well, I was not that happily married, let’s put it that way,” she told Cohen. “I was really with the wrong person.”

Preston was married to actor Kevin Gage at the time, though the two quickly divorced in 1987 after two years of marriage. The actress then married Travolta in September 1991 and had three kids together.

The couple, who co-star in the new film A Quiet Place, which Krasinski also directed, knew “disarmingly soon” that they were meant for each other. Blunt was out to lunch with a friend, chatting about how much she was enjoying the single life, when her future husband walked in. “And that was it,” she told PEOPLE’s Editor-in-Chief Jess Cagle. “We were engaged within 10 months, but I think we probably knew before that.” 

When Martin and his husband Jwan Yosef met it was a case of love at first sight — for both of them. “I am marrying this guy,” was the first thought that Martin had when he met Yosef in the flesh after talking via Instagram DM for six months, he told Attitude magazine.

“Apparently, he said exactly the same thing!” Martin continued. “Obviously he only told me this later on; you have to keep it to yourself at first!”

He added: “I lost my breath when I saw him.”

While making their official debut as an engaged couple outside Kensington Palace, Harry revealed that he knew Markle was the one for him as soon as he laid eyes on her. When asked when he knew the Suits actress was going to be his future wife, Harry said with a smile: “The very first time we met.”

Montag dedicated an Instagram post to her longtime love on their nine-year wedding anniversary — seven weeks after welcoming their first child, son Gunner Stone. “It was love at first sight,” gushed the new mom, who met her husband while filming The Hills. “I knew my life would never be the same. You are my soulmate, my heart, my soul, my best friend, my everything. We have fought through so much to be together.”

The My So-Called Life star met her future husband, who she would go on to discover was the Earl of Devon, in Vegas while at a bachelorette party in 2002. Courtenay was a lawyer visiting from Britain with his rugby team. 

“We caught eyes and smiled. The kilt was a novelty. The smile was all I needed,” Langer told PEOPLE. For his part, “We instantly got on like a house on fire,” said her husband, whom she wed in 2005. “We went out to a nightclub — I wasn’t allowed in because I was wearing a skirt! So we spent a bit of time walking around the streets and got to know each other really, really well.”

For the designer-turned-director, “love at first sight” was something he experienced when coming face-to-face with his now-husband on an elevator ride almost 30 years ago. “By the time that elevator landed on the ground floor I thought, ‘You’re the one.’ That’s it. Click. Sold,” Ford said during an appearance on The Jess Cagle Interview. “It was literally love at first sight.” He continues: “Our eyes locked and within a month we were living together. We have been together ever since. This December will be 30 years.”

“Ellen took my breath away,” de Rossi told The Advocate upon meeting her now-wife backstage at VH1’s Big in ’04 Awards. “That had never happened to me in my life, where I saw somebody and experienced all of those things you hear about in songs and read about in poetry. My knees were weak.”

“It didn’t really surprise me,” the actor — who had once been known for his storied dating life — said during an appearance on Today, recounting his decision to get married. “I always felt I wasn’t trying to avoid marriage, I was trying to avoid divorce. I had no doubt when I met Annette that it was time to get married.”

The late-night talk show host knew instantly his wife was “the one” when he saw her in a theater lobby and thought, “Her. That’s your wife. You’re going to marry her.” The couple’s love story began later near the buffet line at the show’s after-party. “You will kick yourself for the rest of your life if you do not turn around and say hello to her,” Colbert remembers saying to himself upon seeing Evelyn who, the two later discovered, he had grown up with.

Although the Oscar winner was “happily single,” things all changed when he set his eyes on Brazilian beauty Camila. “Out of the corner of my eye, this sort of aqua-green figure went floating across the frame about 20 feet in front of me,” he told PEOPLE of seeing Alves for the first time nearly a decade ago. “My eye went up and I remember what came out of my mouth. I didn’t say ‘Who is that?’ I went, ‘What is that?’ As l was trying to get that’s attention across the room, I went in my head, ‘This is not the kind of woman you call over across the room, McConaughey. Get your ass out of your chair and go get her.’ Which I did.” As for what immediately drew the actor to Alves, McConaughey – who fronts PEOPLE’s 100 Reasons to Love America issue – was quick to respond: “The self-respect she had, the way I understood her and her relationship with family, the way she respected me but never took anything for granted, not putting on any airs whatsoever.”

The pair’s initial encounter reads like the start of an epic love story, which Damon is more than eager to recount: “I saw her across the room, and it was like there was a beam of lighting shining down on her – she was radiating joy,” the actor recalled of seeing wife of 11 years Barroso, who worked as a bartender at the time. “I was like, I have to talk to this person.’ “

“The first night her and I hung out, we had our first kiss on the Ferris wheel. I told her that night that one day I was going to marry her,” The Path actor told PEOPLE. In 2013, they wed.

“I knew when I met her that she was superiextraordinary,” the Oscar winner shared of the human rights lawyer, whom he would go on to marry in 2013. “I wondered if I would ever get a chance to date her. We were friends for a while and luckily she said yes.”

The soccer star knew Victoria was ‘The One’ before even meeting her in person. While watching a Spice Girls music video on TV, Beckham proclaimed to a pal: “See the girl in the dark short dress? I’m going to marry her.” The designer echoed her hubby’s statement: “Completely love at first sight. He told me he went home and wrote my [telephone] number on so many other things in case he lost it.”

“I knew Tom was the one straightaway,” Bündchen told Vogue UK in 2015. “I could see it in his eyes that he was a man with integrity who believes in the same things I do.”

When you know, you know. Alba was completely smitten with Warren from the very start – and just had to share her feelings. “Right after I met [Cash], I called my best friend and was like, ‘I met this guy and I feel like I’ve known him forever and I’m going to know him for the rest of my life,’ ” the actress told Cosmopolitan in 2010.

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