21 Savage Flashes A Gun During Pool Party Brawl In Georgia — Watch The Terrifying Standoff

Completely terrifying. A disagreement escalated quickly at a barbecue in Georgia over the weekend, leading to rapper 21 Savage pulling a gun on someone. Take a look right here.

A huge outdoor party took an ugly turn this weekend when a fight broke out between some attendees. And the rapper 21 Savage, who was watching the mayhem, decided to pull out a hand gun. The entire standoff was caught on camera and arrives via TMZ. Prior to the hitmaker drawing what appears to be a revolver, one individual was pushed into a row of bushes as dozens watched.

According to the outlet, it was a group of unnamed party crashers who showed up to the gathering, nicknamed the “Big Ass Pool Party.” The intruders can been walking down a hill together in the clip. Naturally, this set everyone on edge. One of them reportedly said hello to one of the woman at the event, which is when tempers began to flare, leading to violence. They also revealed that the first gun spotted was carried by one of the crashers, which prompted the 25-year-old rapper to arm himself. Thankfully, no shots were fired amid the chaos. Not longer after this video was shot, law enforcement arrived and broke up the fight. There’s no word on if there were any arrests at this time.

Perhaps ironically, Sav has been a vocal advocate of using paintball guns instead of real firearms to solve grievances between individuals. He’s loudly voiced his support of the idea behind the “paintballs up, guns down” slogan. However, this has become it’s own kind of problem for police in Georgia, where Sav is from, according to the Atlanta Black Star.

“We do not consider this a game and have been taking it very seriously,” Brown told the publication. “There are venues suitable for playing appropriate paintball games. We will not tolerate this activity in public areas and we stand ready to make arrests when needed.”

Stay tuned for more details on this developing story…

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