7 Wearable Wellness Gadgets

Technology already plays a huge role in everyday life, and with the growth in popularity of wearable tech, it doesn’t look like that trend is going to slow down any time soon. These days, wearable tech goes way beyond the Apple Watch. These devices help people track their health and habits to promote better overall wellness. Available as jewelry, hidden as tags on clothing, or futuristic-looking headbands — these technologies can monitor everything from brain activity to REM sleep to heart rate. If a person struggles with posture, for example, there’s a piece of wearable tech that will gives the user a gentle vibrating reminder every time they slouch.

Us Weekly rounded up several of these wearable tech gadgets that claim to improve workouts, meditation sessions, and more. They haven’t quite reached the Apple Watch’s level of ubiquity yet, but it seems pretty clear that consumers will see a lot more wearable tech in the future.

Scroll down for the roundup of handy wearable tech pieces.

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