‘A Million Little Things’ Recap: Eddie Finally Listens To Jon’s Final Voicemail

The ‘band of dads’ united for Jon’s kids on the Oct. 3 episode of ‘A Million Little Things.’ Plus, Eddie finally pressed play on Jon’s voicemail. His final words will shock you.

Delilah goes through Jon’s nightstand and finds Eddie’ necklace. She fears Jon knew about the affair, but Eddie doesn’t think that’s necessarily the case. Eddie still has Jon’s voicemail on his phone. He still can’t bring himself to listen to it.

Rome is feeling restless, so he goes on a walk to Jon’s office. He thinks about jumping off the balcony, just like Jon, but he stops himself. Rome is clearly still struggling and being so close to Jon’s death can’t be easy.

The gang, including Maggie, shows up at Delilah and Jon’s place for breakfast. Ashley shows up with Jon’s coffee. She doesn’t know what to do with his order. Gary is close to Jon’s son, Danny. Gary is extremely easy to talk to. Delilah soon realizes that Sophie has a father-daughter dance recital in just a few hours. Eddie, Rome, and Gary vow to be a “band of dads” for her. Sophie still wants to dance and asks Eddie to be her partner. He says yes, but it’s a very awkward situation for him and Delilah.

Maggie and Gary are out and about when a guy she knows shows up out of nowhere. Maggie awkwardly  tells Gary she’ll see him later. Her friend, Tom, is worried about her since she left Chicago so dramatically. “I don’t know if I can be who you want me to be,” she says. He just wants her to live. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been,” Maggie tells him now that she’s left the “old her” behind. She doesn’t think cancer is the worst thing that’s ever happened to her.

At Jon’s office, Ashley reads over the note he left in the folder with Delilah’s name on it. She pulls out an Orchard Circle Life Insurance policy that lists Eddie, Rome, Gary, and a woman named Barbara Morgan as the primary beneficiaries.

Delilah and Jon’s kids try to work through their grief as best they can. Sophie is understandably devastated. She thinks her dad forgot about her as he was making all of these plans. Danny asks Gary whether or not he thinks his dad killed himself because he knew certain things about him. Gary comforts little Danny and calms his fears.

Right before the dance, Eddie says that he can’t dance with Sophie. “I just can’t be Jon right now,” he says. Rome steps up and dances with Sophie. It’s freakin’ adorable. She realizes that her dad did have a plan, and that was to have Rome dance with her. As Rome and Sophie dance together, Eddie looks on. The episode ends with Eddie finally listening to Jon’s voicemail. Before he jumped off his balcony, he told Eddie: “Hey, it’s Jon. I was hoping to speak to you and not just leave a message, but I just need you to do me a favor — love each other.”

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