Actress Alice Evans Loses It on YouTuber After Parking Lot Fender Bender

‘Vampire Diaries’ actress Alice Evans lost her s**t on a YouTuber who claims she hit her car in a parking lot and drove away — and the confrontation between the two is wild.

The vlogger is Kayla Lashae, and she captured the British star leaving her vehicle Monday afternoon in L.A. to berate Kayla after allegedly knocking her back bumper while trying to park next to her. Watch … Alice goes ballistic over what she thought was Kayla’s fault.

Alice’s rationale … Kayla had a massive vehicle parked in a compact space, and didn’t allow Alice to easily get her vehicle in. Her actual breakdown of it is more … well, impassioned.

FWIW, Kayla drives a Jeep Wrangler — so yeah, it’s a big car.

Now, Kayla tells us Alice actually backed into another vehicle during the botched parking job … and then, allegedly, drove away without leaving a note or exchanging info with Kayla herself. Kayla says she filed a police report with LAPD as a result — they’re looking into it.

The funny nugget out of all this … Alice actually once starred in a movie called “Dangerous Parking.” Ah, life imitates art yet again.

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