Adam Rickitt’s GMB star wife bursts into tears as he shares ‘guilt’ of receiving COVID jab

Adam Rickitt jokes he’s going through a midlife crisis

Adam Rickitt, 42, suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis, a type of arthritis that causes eye and bowel problems. As the former Coronation Street actor falls into the highly vulnerable category of those who could suffer from the deadly effects of coronavirus, he was invited to receive his COVID-19 jab early, and his GMB star wife Katy Rickitt emotionally admitted that she had never felt “so relieved” in her life that he would now have some protection against the virus.

Opening up to his 69,000 Instagram followers, Adam said: “I have just had my vaccination, weird one for me because I haven’t made a song and dance about it, but I have underlying medical conditions. 

“Which meant I should have been shielding since March. But I personally took the decision that for my mental health, for my wellbeing, for lots of other various reasons… I just knew I wasn’t up to that. 

“Probably me being weak, but I knew I just wouldn’t be able to shield from March of 2020. I wouldn’t have made it through.

“So I did get a phone call though, last week, telling me that I was going to have my vaccination.”

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The actor revealed he initially was hesitant to receive the jab before others that he felt needed it more than him.

He continued: ”Weird thing to say, my initial reaction was guilt, I didn’t think I deserved it. 

“I think there’s people out there who deserve it more than me, and I was going to say that to them.“

However, Adam shared that his wife of almost seven years, Katy, burst into tears when she heard that he wouldn’t have to wait any longer to get the vaccine.

The actor turned his phone camera to face his wife as she browsed bottles of wine at the back of a shop they were walking around.

He added: “When I told her [Katy] she burst into tears because she was just so happy that I was getting it.”

Katy came over and wrapped her arms around her long-term love Adam, as she interjected: “I would have whipped his butt if he had not taken it.”

However, Adam admitted he still feels slightly unsure if he was “worthy” to have received the vaccine before others.

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He said: “I felt there were more people out there worthy of it, but I guess it is not me who makes these decisions. “

Meanwhile, Katy seemed elated that her spouse is protected from the life-threatening symptoms of coronavirus.

She admitted: “I’ve never felt so relieved in my life, I have been worried sick the last year.”

At the moment, only those aged 80 and over are being offered the vaccination, along with those who are deemed clinically extremely vulnerable.

Last year Adam opened up on his struggle with mental health, which left him feeling suicidal for 17 years.

In his Hollyoaks exit storyline, Adam’s character Kyle Kelly took his own life.

Reflecting on his personal experience with anxiety and depression, Adam told OK! Magazine: “It was difficult to get back into that headspace, but I felt privileged to be trusted with such a storyline.” 

Adam and Katy first met in 2011, when she went to interview the star at an animal rescue centre. .

The couple have been married since 2014 and live in a stunning Cheshire home together.

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