Adam Sandler Reveals What Show He & His Family Watched During Quarantine

Adam Sandler is opening up about life in quarantine!

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 54-year-old actor/comedian talked about his upcoming Netflix movie Hubie Halloween.

In the new movie, Adam reunites with Julie Bowen, who starred alongside him in Happy Gilmore, which was released in 1996.

During his interview, Adam revealed that he and his daughters watched Julie‘s hit comedy Modern Family while under quarantine.

“I didn’t know Modern Family as well as I should have, so during this pandemic, we watched Modern Family,” Adam shared. “My kids watched every episode of Modern Family, everyday – like two or three a day – and then they would repeat. Then the other kid would go, ‘I didn’t see it!’ so they would go and bring it back and watch the whole thing again.”

“And that show is literally the best show,” Adam continued. “I can’t believe how funny that show is. I love that show. My kids loved it so much, they would yell at me ‘Why aren’t you more like him?! He’s so funny’ and they would tell me how great everyone on the show is.”

Hubie Halloween will be out on Netflix on October 7 – check out the trailer here!

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