Adele Hides in Car with Rich Paul, First Clear Photos Since Vegas Pull-Out

Adele is giving off big time “don’t look at me!” vibes — this as the first clear photos of her have emerged since her Vegas time-out … with none other than her BF by her side.

The pop star was seen Friday leaving Mr. Chow in Bev Hills with NBA agent Rich Paul — and despite their best efforts to keep things low-key … the paps fired away as their car started to pull out of the backlot, capturing some interesting shots as they exited.

As you can see … Adele is straight up hiding behind her purse in the passenger seat, not wanting the cameras to get a good look at her mug — and for the most part, she succeeded.

Adele has been hunkering down at Rich’s place here in L.A. in hopes that the residency drama would blow over — and while it seems to have settled down for sure since her tearful apology … there are still tons of rumors flying about a possible all-out cancelation.

As we reported … her story about having to postpone things due to COVID and other logistics simply doesn’t add up to the folks over at Caesar’s — as we’ve been told by those in the loop that any COVID issue would’ve been brought up way earlier than when she did, and not just that … but we’d heard much different accounts about what was going on BTS.

Long story short, word is … Adele wasn’t happy with the set pieces and stage design when she showed for rehearsals — very shortly before her debut performance, for which folks bought tickets and flew in from all over the world to catch in person.

According to our sources … she just couldn’t be satisfied, and ended up blindsiding Caesar’s crew with her announcement. By the looks of it, she definitely doesn’t wanna talk about it yet … or even be seen.

That might come to an end soon enough though. Adele is supposed to be performing in London next week for the BRIT Awards … so we’ll what she has to say then, if anything at all.

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