Adele turns 30 with ‘Titanic’-themed birthday party

Adele was the queen of the world at her “Titanic”-themed birthday bash over the weekend.

After turning the big 3-0 on Saturday, the British singer publicly thanked loved ones Sunday for fulfilling her wishes.

“Dirty 30! I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the next 30 years as I’ve been blessed beyond words in my life so far,” Adele posted on Instagram. “Thank you to everyone for coming along for the ride the last 11 years with me. My family and friends for entertaining my super fandom of the ‘Titanic’ movie.”

Dressed as Kate Winslet’s Rose DeWitt Bukater, Adele posed for a photo atop the stairwell that looked just like the one in James Cameron’s epic 1997 blockbuster about the ill-fated ship, which sank in April 1912. She and party guests later sported life jackets similar to those worn by the passengers.

“Last night was the best night of my life,” she continued. “Here’s a couple pics. I’m absolutely f–ked, not sure I’ll make it out the house again!”

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